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Xia Yan flew out and slammed into the mountain body. The gravel flew out and the dust rose.


The next moment, a figure left the mountain, rushed out, there is a blue light on the body, there is an invisible fluctuation between the blue light.

The protective field uses the principle of electromagnetism to form a protective field to withstand any foreign damage.

However, it is necessary to convert the power into a force field after the conversion of the thunder power, and because it is a full range of protection, the consumption of Reiatsu is relatively large.

However, the protective effect is superior to the simple condensation of the shield. It is the affinity that Xia Yan carefully selected.

Xia Yan shakes his wings, and looks at the person who attacks himself. No, it should be said to be Hollow.

The hollow size is not high, it is only about three meters, which is the size of the medium-sized hollow, and it is not as good as the giant.

This hollow appearance resembles an orangutan, with thick arms, at the same time, with its wings, flying against the ground.

This is also why Xia Yan only heard a slight noise.

“Oh, it’s the energy of formidable.” The medium-sized hollow looks at Xia Yan, bursting open and laughing.

“Can you talk?”

Xia Yan picked up an eyebrow and could talk, and IQ reached a certain level.

Up to now, Xia Yan has only seen hollow, the only hollow that can talk.

And here is the mountain, the North Third District, very close to Seireitei, he can approach himself without leaking a Reiatsu, proving that he has the skill of hiding the Reiatsu.

Kill him quickly.

Xia Yan feels that things are not so simple, but they change.


Xia Yan wings fluttered, and the body suddenly disappeared. It appeared on the opposite side of the opposite side, and long spear pierced.

But at this moment, Xia Yan wings suddenly disappeared, and the arc of the body disappeared. Long spear, although it was on the opposite side, was blocked by the hard skin of the opposite side.


Opposite side turned and punched Xia Yan, Xia Yan flew out, kneeling on a tree, breaking the trees, Xia Yan turned over and crouched on the ground, wow a prominent highlight of the blood.

“What’s going on here? Why can Thunder disappear? And my Zanpakuto…”

Xia Yan own at Zanpakuto has changed back to the state before Shikai. No matter how he calls, there is no reaction at all.

The medium-sized hollow looks at Xia Yan, said with a smile: “Ramirez can make the first his own attacker Zanpakuto sealed.”

“Let Zanpakuto sealed?”

Xia Yan looks at opposite side, eyes a glimpse, this Ability is similar to Metastacia, which can make the first Zanpakuto that touches his arm every day to be sealed.

However, Ramirez Ability, some like Wandenreich Ability, Wandenreich can seal Ryujin Jakka.

Ramirez Ability is probably between them, and it can seal the Thunder Zanpakuto, but only the first  Zanpakuto to his Attack will fail.

And only Aizen can do this.

The seal of Thunder-Zanpakuto, which seems to be prepared for himself, is Aizen’s goal?

But why does he want attack himself? Is the idea of ​​wanting to deal with him exposed?

Impossible, Xia Yan has never investigated Aizen, and has never actively touched Aizen, trying to restrain his actions as much as possible in order not to arouse Aizen’s attention.

So why is it causing his hostility?

Xia Yan couldn’t get the answer, but now he can only look at Ramirez in front of his eyes.

Even if Zanpakuto is sealed, it is only to let his biggest strength disappear, and he is still able to cope with it.

At this time, there are two figures in the sky, it is Ichimaru Gin and Aizen.

“This little guy is surprised.” Ichimaru Gin said with a smile.

Aizen said: “After he ruined Metastacia, I had a new idea and made the Seal of the seal specific Attribute Zanpakuto. ”

Ichimaru Gin added: “But there is no Zanpakuto, this little guy is also very good, at least not Zanpakuto, I am not his opponent.”

Aizen asked: “So what do you mean, can you beat him with Zanpakuto?”

Ichimaru Gin smiled and said: “Captain Aizen won’t expose me. This little guy is too good, I can’t grasp him.”

Aizen turned his head and said: “The Ramirez Ability is a little weaker than Metastacia, and Metastacia still has two Ability, how can Ramirez be so simple?”


Aizen’s voice fell, Xia Yan has activated Shunko, the body shape suddenly disappeared, came to Ramirez’s behind.

But at this moment, a group of purple smog filled the surrounding, Xia Yan just appeared, was wrapped by purple smoke, the next moment, the thunder around the body disappeared without a trace.

What happened The thunder that has been transformed by himself has disappeared.


Xia Yan was hit by the thunder of Ramirez, only to have his arms in front of the body, the whole person was hit and smashed to the ground.

Aizen smiled and said: “This is Ramirez’s second Ability. The purple smoke can neutralize the electric field, so that the thunder can disappear, so his thunder can’t be used.”

Ichimaru Gin asked curiously: “The two Ability completely restrained Xia Yan. In the past few years, Captain Aizen is only thinking about dealing with him alone?”

Aizen said with a smile: “Of course not, he is just a trial, and I really want to deal with another person. I must find a way to restrain his Ability, otherwise my plan will never be completed. ”

Ichimaru Gin raised an eyebrow and asked, “Yamamoto Head-Captain?”

Aizen nodded and said: “The whole Soul Society, in addition to him, who else can pose a threat to me? Of course, it is good to do more preparations.”

Xia Yan did not know that he had become a guinea pig. He fell to the ground and only felt that his arms were extremely painful. It was difficult to move again, at least the result of a fracture.

I can’t use Zanpakuto myself, I can’t use Shunko, plus the injury, the combat power is reduced several times, while the power of the opposite side is not weaker than the Vice-Captain, but speed is stronger and stronger.

I can’t deal with him at all.

Then you can only run.

Xia Yan knows that he can’t beat his opponent. It is better to temporarily retreat.

But just after this idea came out, a figure fell into the sky and fell to Xia Yan.

Xia Yan turned over and escaped the bombardment, Ramirez was heavily squatting beside Xia Yan, raising a large piece of dust.

Xia Yan just straightened up and wanted to escape. A fist hit the back of Xia Yan instantly.

‘So fast.’

This speed is already comparable to your own Shunpo.


Xia Yan flew out and squatted on the opposite wall, and slowly slipped down.


Ramirez made a strange smile and walked slowly, but at this time, a circle of fire burst.

Fushibi, Kyokkō, Shakkahō, three kinds of Kido in one, will be covered by the explosion of Ramirez.


Aizen’s eyebrows in the cloud were lightly picked, and apparently did not expect this, Ichimaru Gin said with a smile: “This little guy is really amazing, Kido Talent is so good.”

The three-in-one Kido is so powerful that it is much more powerful than Shakkahō alone.

But he did not kill Ramirez. He came out of the huge artillery fire, and his body was a little dark, but the body was not too bad, but there were some wounds.

It should be known that the giant hollow face Shakkahō can already be done without any damage, and after the Aizen transformation of Ramirez, the hardness of the skin is not inferior to the giant hollow.

However, when Ramirez came out of the explosion, he found that there was no one in front of him, and Xia Yan had disappeared.

Where did he go?

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