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The wind is characterized by strong explosiveness and strong persistence. At Attack, the wind explodes at the moment of contact with object, which can easily damage rocks and trees.

The source of wind is not limited to Kido conversion, but also surrounding air flow, so the duration is longer.

After Xia Yan use Wind Shunko, the speed increased greatly, and the footsteps were heavy. The push of wind explosion allowed Xia Yan to reach opposite side in an instant.


Xia Yan hit a punch, and the blue figure also punched.

The double fist collided, the blue figure’s fist suddenly burst, the arm disappeared, and the sky was blue thunder glittering.


Blue figure slightly crossed his head. He didn’t expect Xia Yan to explode and burst his arm directly.

But he was only slightly surprised, the next moment, the thunder flashed, energy flow, and it turned into an arm.

As long as there is thunder, he can repair it without limit.

Xia Yan saw this scene and felt that it was a little difficult, but only can once again Attack, his body leaped and once again rushed to opposite side.

But blue figure flashed, the next moment, disappeared and appeared in the distance.

“Catch you!”

At the moment when the opposite side appeared, Xia Yan came to it and kicked it out.


Xia Yan feet directly split the opposite side from head to tail, and the wind spreads from both feet and touches the opposite side body, causing a burst.


Blue figure is like a broken foam, scatter on the ground, turned into thunder, constantly surging.


Seeing this scene, Hirako Shinji raised an eyebrow and was surprised.

“So easy?” Aikawa Love asked.

Yadomaru Lisa shook her head and said: “It’s not easy. Xia Yan current state has already dealt with Bankai all of us.”

Xia Yan relies on Hollow Mask, instant disintegration, and Kido, slightly inferior to Muguruma Kensei.

Now the complete Shunko, can already beat Muguruma Kensei, of course, because the Shunko Attribute is wind, Muguruma Kensei can beat Xia Yan at this time.

But Xia Yan is now very strong and has enough to deal with Captain level.

But at this moment, thunder is constantly gathering, and once again, it forms an electric human figure.

“Since you insist on doing this, I can only kill you with my own hands.” Blue figure sighed, thunder trembled, disappeared again.


Xia Yan turned and kicked out, blue figure emerged, Xia Yan’s foot accurately kicked the body of opposite side.


The one that was kicked was not the opposite side, but a blue thunder column, which was filled with wind energy of Xia Yan and made a huge explosion.


On the ground, Xia Yan was directly shot and flew out, and he was heavily squatted on the ground.


Xia Yan spit out a blood, but the body bones did not have much damage. After steel skin, his anti-abruption Ability increased greatly, but the internal hemorrhoid was injured.

Then the blue figure emerged again, step by step toward Xia Yan.


Xia Yan’s body trembled and disappeared again, but the next moment, the feeling of paralysis came, I saw a huge grid filled the air, blocking all Space.

After Xia Yan hit a current, all the currents swarmed and shrouded Xia Yan.


Xia Yan made a painful sound, and the whole person was knocked down to the ground, and his body was dark.

Then the blue figure slowly walked over to Xia Yan and said softly: “You see, you can’t beat me.”

Xia Yan looks at opposite side, biting his teeth, enduring the pain of the body, and asking: “Why don’t you want to recognize me?”

“Because you are too weak.”

Blue figure looks at Xia Yan, said: “I will give you another chance, give up, as long as you give up, I will spare your life.”

Upon hearing this, Yoruichi shouted: “Xia Yan, give up.”

“There is no problem with no Bankai, but after you are more formidable, you can master it.” Yadomaru Lisa persuade Xia Yan.

But Xia Yan showed a strong look and said: “I will not give up unless you recognize me.”

“Recognize you? You are so weak, why should I recognize you?”

Blue figure once again took a step toward Xia Yan, raised his right hand, a sharp spear slowly formed, and then he said: “Lastly ask you, you still don’t admit defeat?”

Xia Yan looks at blue figure, smiled and said: “I will not admit defeat.”

“Let’s die.”

The thunder spear in blue figure hand fell and stabbed Xia Yan left chest.

However, thunder spear did not cause damage to Xia Yan, but slowly collapsed, and finally turned into countless electric lights.

“Why are you so sure I won’t kill you?”

Blue figure looks at Xia Yan, gently asked.

Xia Yan said with a smile: “Because you have let me go many times, from the beginning to present, you want me to give up more than once, although you say you want to kill me, but give me time and time again.”

Blue figure asked: “How can you be sure that I will not kill you this time?”

Xia Yan replied: “You don’t recognize me because my Ability doesn’t meet your requirements. You don’t kill me because you don’t want me to die, and if I don’t get your power, I will definitely die. So why don’t you let me use your Ability? When I watched you show all the attractions, I found that your body is too formidable, and my body can’t bear it. So you don’t recognize me. In essence, you don’t want to let me die.”

Blue figure nodded and said: “Yes, I just want to teach you Bankai, but you will die.”

Xia Yan sighed and said: “Is there really no way?”

Blue figure replied: “But I saw your will, I can give you my power, but you can only use it for five seconds. After five seconds, your body will be on the verge of breaking.”

“Only five seconds?”

Xia Yan looks at opposite side, some disappointed.

Blue figure gently said: “If it is the strongest power you showed before, five seconds is enough to solve. But remember, you can never exceed five seconds. ”

The strongest power of your own refers to the double-wing with Hollow Mask. If you can solve yourself in five seconds, you can certainly solve Aizen.

This is enough, even if it can only be used for five seconds.

Xia Yan nodded and said, “Okay, I will pay attention.”

“Then I will tell you my name.”

Blue figure walked up, leaned down and said softly in Xia Yan’s ear: “Remember my name…”

With his last words, his body slowly disappeared and became a Zanpakuto again.

Xia Yan walked over and clenched his Zanpakuto, and now he finally has the confidence to defeat Aizen.

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