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“Kaien senior, Miyako sister, I came to visit you.”

Xia Yan came to the front of Shiba’s house. He received an invitation from Shiba Kaien a few days ago to entertain Xia Yan at home, and thanked Xia Yan for saving Shiba Miyako.

Although Xia Yan felt that he did not want them to thank himself, he still readily agreed.

I came to Shiba’s house today, and after knocking on the door, Shiba Kaien and Shiba Miyako came out to meet.

The current Shiba family has left Seireitei and lives in Rukongai.

Although He and Shiba Miyako are both able to settle in Seireitei, it is said that the Shiba family moved out Seireitei very early. After Shiba Kaien became Shinigami, he did not intend to move back.

Of course, usually two people will live in the Courtyard of 13th Division, will not easily leave the Seireitei, but the home is here.

The Shiba family is very large. It is not built underground like that. There are two courtyards with long corridors. The iconic chimney still stands in the distance.

This is the Shiba home cannon, made by the technology inherited by the Shiba family, and the main equipment for launching the Tenchūren.

“Xia Yan, fast come in.” Shiba Kaien said with a smile.

Xia Yan followed the two and walked into Shiba house. Two tall figures stood inside the gate, and the head was nearly three meters.

Shiba Kaien introduced: “This is Koganehiko and Shiroganehiko, who are the guards of the Shiba family.”

“Xia Yan is a good.” The two men salutaneously bowed towards Xia Yan.

“The sound is too loud.”

Shiba Kaien pushed the two away and took Xia Yan to the living room. Xia Yan took off his shoes and went to the tatami. Shiba Miyako went to pour the tea. Shiba Kaien said, “Sit down.”

The two men sat next to the tatami, Shiba Miyako poured tea, and served food such as Senbei Jinping sugar, and sat next to Shiba Kaien.

“Xia Yan, I invite you today, mainly thanks to the fact that you saved Miyako life in the past few days. Without you, she will die there. Thank you, Xia Yan. ”

Shiba Kaien said that the both hands held his knees, and the upper body leaned forward slightly, lowering his head.

“Xia Yan brother, many thanks you.”

Shiba Miyako is smiling, looks at Xia Yan.

Xia Yan saw the look of the two, and quickly said: “Kaien senior, Miyako sister, do not have to be so polite. You are so formal. ”

Shiba Kaien raised the head, looks at Xia Yan, said with a smile: “Why do you call her Miyako sister and call me senior? Is this gap too big?”

Xia Yan looks at Shiba Kaien replied: “Because Miyako sister is beautiful and young, but Kaien seniors…”

Shiba Kaien forehead frowned and straightforward asked: “Do you mean that I am ugly and old?”

Shiba Miyako grinned and smirked.

Xia Yan said with a smile: “Haiyan senior, I have not said so.”

Shiba Kaien said with anger: “But you mean this…”

Shiba Miyako couldn’t stand it anymore, haha ​​laughed.

After a pause, Shiba Kaien said: “Yes, Xia Yan, have you joined Gotei 13th for a few years?”

Xia Yan said: “It has been eight years now.”

Shiba Kaien shook his head and said: “There has been a Captain-level Strength in eight years, and Xia Yan is really awful.”

Xia Yan said with a smile: “I still have shortcomings and need to work hard.”

Xia Yan own shortcoming is that the Reiatsu is relatively low, and does not reach the seventh-class Reiatsu possessed by Captain. Even Shiba Kaien is a seventh-class Reiatsu, which is make him worse than Shiba Kaien.

I am stronger than Shiba Kaien by Zanpakuto Ability and Shunpo skill.

However, Shiba Kaien should not take much time to master Bankai, and the obvious example is Ichimaru Gin.

One of the basics of becoming Captain is to master Bankai, and then the original Captain recommendation, the original Division of Office attendance, and then Head-Captain and three Captain for testing, can be used as Captain.

Ichimaru Gin is the genius after the Shiba Kaien. It is a sixth-grade Reiatsu, and it is not too much difference.

Three genius, Ichimaru Gin graduation, took six years to master Bankai, less than 30 years after Tōshirō Hitsugaya graduation.

Hisagi Shuuhei graduation has mastered Shikai for less than sixty years, and Renji and Rukia have mastered it for about 50 years.

As for Shiba Kaien, it should be at this point in time.

But now it should not be, because the Shiba Kaien after Metastacia was swallowed, was the nine-bladed Alonillo? After Iruruyelli absorbed it, he could imitate it and only Shikai.

Therefore, Shiba Kaien may not have mastered Shikai now, but as long as he gives him time, it is estimated that it will be mastered for 20 years.

At that time, Shiba Kaien was able to win Xi Yan.

“You brat, it is too modest.”

Shiba Kaien said with a smile, he still wants to say something, but at this moment, a figure rushed into the room and shouted: “Sorry, I am late, thirsty, I drink some water first.”

Along with the words, a figure came to the table and took the tea cup on the table and drank it. After drinking it, she still looked at the tea cup in front of Xia Yan.

Xia Yan noticed her gaze and lifted the teacup and said, “If you don’t mind, I have drank…”

Xia Yan has not finished a sentence, the opposite side will take away the cup and put it on the mouth.

Xia Yan looked at her while drinking tea on the opposite side.

The woman was tall and her hair was wrapped in a headscarf. Two black scorpions hang from behind on the behind.

Her eyebrows are like a knife, a bowl of eyes glittering bright light, her nose is sharp, her lips are sexy, but her face is straight and more neutral.

The most striking thing is her figure. Her figure is sexy, her upper body is wearing a red sleeveless short coat, and her left arm is engraved with a blank character. The red dress also has a crashing whirlpool. Her figure is very good, the busty chest is smashed out, and it can be clearly seen that the deep * waist is slender and smooth.

Her lower body was wearing a white dress, but the side was wide open, and with her movements, she showed a sexy rounded thigh. A bandage was attached to the slender calf, and the raft was stepping on the foot. The body was filled with a smell of smoke.

This is Shiba Kūkaku, the sister of Shiba Kaien.

What is different from history is that Shiba Kūkaku is still not broken. If you break your hand, you can live in Seireitei. There are many ways to cure it. If you want to find a 4th Division, you can use a meat supplement. Do it.

As Shiba Kaien, it can help Shiba Kūkaku treatment.

Now that Shiba Kūkaku has not yet entered history, hate Shinigami because of his brother’s death, and really the broken arm will not be treated.

So Shiba Kūkaku has not yet reached the point of time of the broken arm, and it seems that this is unlikely to happen in the future.

Shiba Kūkaku sipped the cup and sat down beside Xia Yan, looking at Xia Yan, and asked, “This is the little devil who saved the big sister?”

Shiba Kaien said with no anger: “I didn’t tell you that Xia Yan will arrive at three in the afternoon. Why are you coming back so late?”

Shiba Kūkaku smiled and said: “The thing that made me fireworks is a little bit delayed, and You can’t blame me.”

Xia Yan suddenly thought of the identity of Shiba Kūkaku and asked: “Is this sister a pyrotechnician?”

Shiba Kūkaku proudly said: “Yes, I am the leading fireworks division of the entire Soul Society.”

Shiba Kaien said with anger: “So you often cause an explosion in the backyard and let others complain multiple times.”

Shiba Kūkaku immediately ignored him, looks at Xia Yan and asked: “Little devil, do you want to see my lab?”

Xia Yan was very curious about Shiba Kūkaku pyrotechnics and asked: “Is it ok?”

Shiba Kūkaku smiled and said: “Come with me.”

Shiba Kūkaku stood up and left with Xia Yan, and the two disappeared in a blink of an eye.

Shiba Kaien scratched his head and said: “This Kūkaku directly took Xia Yan away.”

Shiba Miyako smiled and said: “This is not very good. Xia Yan and us are sitting together and some uncomfortable, let Kūkaku accompany him better.”

Shiba Kaien asked with anger: “And Ganju has not returned yet, my two younger brothers and sisters are really worrying.”

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