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Early the next morning, members of corporate management training class were gathered at Jiangcheng University, and Xu Cheng transferred the company’s shuttle bus to them.

And he himself is driving a Mercedes-Benz car to pick up Cao Nan and Su Zhirong.

Cao Nan deliberately dressed up, the long curly hair of the micro-rolls scattered on the shoulders, put on a plain color clothes, young and energetic.

Su Zhirong, the white shirt is the bottom, and the black bag hip dress is set on the outside, which is decent and beautiful. Plus her natural goddess temperament, as if immediately into the workplace OL goddess.

Xu Cheng saw her and his eyes lit up. He is tired of those face-lifting and Korean products. Su Zhirong is what he likes.

“This is your car? It’s so cool!” Cao Nan praised.

“Generally.” Xu Cheng pretend to be low-key. “This car has been open for a year, and it will be better after a few days .” He said that Cao Nan suddenly showed more envious eyes.

“Get on the car, I will take you.” Xu Cheng opened the door, Cao Nan did not politely sat in the co-pilot, Su Zhirong originally wanted to say that the shuttle bus, see her on the car, had to sit in the back row.

The shuttle bus also started and went to Tiancheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Lu Zixin was earlier than they started. Liu Tong drove in front of the road and he drove behind.

The black Rolls-Royce Phantom has attracted many people’s attention. When the parking was waiting for a red light, there was a beautiful driver who open the window and greeted him.

Soon, they went to Tiancheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Just arrived, the CEO of Tiancheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. came to pick them up.

“Manager Liu, warm welcome!” Xu Huarui smiled and shook hands with Liu Tong. He was in his fifties, his hair was a little sparse, and he smiled with wrinkles in his eyes.

Xu Huarui is the father of Xu Cheng, the current CEO of Tiancheng Electronic Technology Co., holding more than 30%. Originally, it was more than 40%. At the beginning of this year, he transferred 10% of his shares to his son Xu Cheng, so that his son can become the company’s management.

Tiancheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has been in the market for several years. Therefore, the orders of the Red Letter game company are very valued, at least 50 million orders!

And once the cooperation is successful, there may be more order cooperation in the follow-up. It can be said that they are currently the most valued business of Tiancheng.

Therefore, the people of the Red Letter game came to investigate, and as a chairman, he personally dispatched.

“General Xu, long time no see.” Liu Tong was polite with him, a young man came over.

“Introduction, this is our General.” Liu Tong said.

Xu Huarui saw that this young man was almost as big as his son, and he was a little surprised. However, he still smiled and said: “Lu is really young and promising. He has a career at a young age!”

“Don’t dare to do it.” Lu Zixin said, “I am young and I don’t understand many places. This time The main thing is that Manager Liu is responsible.”

He said that is the case, but Xu Huarui knows that Lu Zixin is the boss, he must speak more weight, and must not be neglected.

“Two, please come with me.” Xu Huarui said, while giving a look to the young and beautiful female reception.

The female receptionist immediately gathered next to Lu Zixin, revealing a sweet smile and said: “General Lu, I will show you the way, you have what need, despite the instructions.”

On the other side, Xu Cheng and others also came to Tiancheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. . The shuttle bus stopped outside, and Xu Cheng Mercedes had to drive into the underground parking lot.

Only after entering the parking lot, Xu Cheng noticed one thing. In the parking lot, there is actually a black Rolls Royce!

“Wow, is this the Rolls-Royce Phantom? I have seen it on the Internet. I heard that this car is very expensive!” Cao Nan also saw it and was surprised. “Who is this? Xu Cheng, it will not be your Dad?”

Xu Cheng is also very confused. His father’s car is only a million. And this one, in his experience, is still the limited edition of high-end goods, tens of thousands of super luxury cars!

“No.” Xu Cheng shook his head. “Maybe some friends in business.”

“This kind of friend is really amazing!” Cao Nan looked at the car with a hot eye. I really don’t know what kind of local tyrant can afford it. !

They went out of the parking lot, and the people outside the training class had already gathered together. They saw the building of Tiancheng Electronic Technology.

“Sure enough, it is a veteran company, more than my company!”

“Tiancheng Electronics, can really rank in Jiangcheng?”

“Xu Cheng family is really rich!”

The squad leader Qi Yong also joked: “Xu Cheng, your company Such a style, or I also quit to your company.”

Xu Cheng smiled: “That good feelings! I am here, welcome talent!”

The people complimented again, that he said: “You, we follow the order, first Go to the staff area to watch. Let me explain to you.”

He leads the way, enters the company, explains the office scope, management methods, and so on.

Later, Xu Cheng leaned over to Su Zhirong and Cao Nan and said, “You don’t understand anything, you can ask me.”

Cao Nan said: “Brother Cheng, your company is really big! The employees have to be hundreds of people. ”

Xu Cheng smiled and said: “If it’s just here, it’s a few hundred. But if you want to add sales agents and cooperative factories, you don’t know how much.”

Hearing this, Cao Nan is even more admired. “It’s really amazing. You can manage such a big company when you are this old!”

“We learned business administration, and no one can manage it!”

“Nothing, slow down.” Xu Cheng said, “When you have experience, you can also be a management.”

“This is what you said, I will hold your thighs in the future!”

Xu Cheng and Cao Nan chatted fiery Su Zhirong did not interject. Originally, she still had several business management questions to ask Xu Cheng, but unfortunately Xu Cheng did not know. He is the name of a boss, real management knowledge and experience, he knows no more than two people.

Otherwise, the old man will not let him learn business management, and attend the training class.

“When you are here, you can go to our personnel department!” Xu Cheng said to Su Zhirong, “You have internships on me.”

Su Zhirong smiled and did not answer.

At this time, she felt that the mobile phone was shaking, looked down and received a message, which was sent by Lu Zixin.

Lu Zixin : “Did you go to Tiancheng Electronics?”

Su Zhirong : ” Come on, are visiting!”

Lu Zixin : “Where? I am coming to you.”

Su Zhirong : “Are you not doing anything today?”

Lu Zixin : “There is  something? But just in the vicinity, very close to you.”

Su Rongrong: “Well, now is the second floor, just inside. Want me to go out and bring you in?”

Lu Zixin: “No, I will be there soon.”

Su Zhirong looked Doubt, how can Lu Zixin arrive soon? Is it really close, he can’t just enter other companies?

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