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The 4th Division is divided into a front yard and a back yard. The front yard is a back-shaped shape. The front door is directly opposite the treatment room. The patient is sent in from the main entrance and directly enters the treatment room for treatment.

On both sides of the gate, there is a duty room, and a squad leader of a treatment class is waiting inside.

The duty room is also used as a waiting room, especially when the number of casualties is high. When the treatment is not over, the patients with minor injuries will wait there.

Xia Yan went straight into the waiting room and immediately found Renji, Kira Izuru and Hinamori Momo sitting in the corner.

Renji was wounded on the left shoulder, leaving a shocking wound that had undergone a preliminary hemostasis, but still had a relatively long wound.

Kira Iziru left a scar on his cheek, and Hinamori Momo ankle was injured, and she sat down with her legs and looked low.

Xia Yan quickly went over and shouted softly: “Are you okay?”

“Xia Yan? How did you come.”

Seeing that Xia Yan, Renji had some accidents.

Xia Yan looks at the three people: “I got news of serious injuries to the students of the Spiritual Arts Academy when I was in the Guard. I am worried about you, come over and see.”

Renji sighed and said, “We have nothing to do, just…”

Kira Izuru said with a wry smile: “Our classmates are many die.”

“I will treat Renji Big Brother first.”

Xia Yan came to Renji and reached out to use Kaid to treat him. Renji wound was a little to heal.

Renji asked in surprise: “Would you still use Kaidō?”

Xia Yan replied: “Just mastered some treatment skills, barely able to treat skin injuries.”

Kaidō is only going to the fifth grade. If you have Talent, you can enter the sixth grade medical training class, strengthen the power of Kaidō, and then enter 4th Division after graduation.

Xia Yan can treated with Kaidō, but the effect is weak, need both hands, and the treatment is slow.

However, when there are more injured people now, it can help.

Xia Yan asked while he was treating: “Renji Big Brother, what happened?”

Abarai Renji began to talk about what happened at that time. It was no different from the contents of Xia Yan memory. They followed Hisagi Shuuhei, Kanisawa and Aoga three six grade students to the Human World for internship. As a result, Kanisawa was attacked by the giant Menos Grande. Aoga also took revenge and Was killed.

In order to let other students escape, Hisagi Shuuhei took the initiative and hoped that other students could leave.

And Renji, Kira Izuru and Hinamori Momo went to help Hisagi Shuuhei to resist the Attack of the giant Menos Grande.

But the number of giant Menos Grande is too large, and they take the initiative to attack only one hollow.

But those who tried to escape to the gates were mostly attacked by the giant Menos Grande. They suffered heavy casualties and suffered minor injuries. There were fewer than ten people and nearly 30 people were seriously injured.

Renji sighed and said: “If Captain Aizen and Ichimaru Gin Vice-Captain don’t arrive in time, we are afraid to die.”

Hinamori Momo echoed: “I really want to thank Captain Aizen.”

Seeing the three people admiring Aizen, Xia Yan was very angry, not that they saved you, but that they are harming you.

These hollow, all are catalyzed by Aizen, the giant Menos Grande with formidable Strength.

How can you appreciate the murderer?

But these words Xia Yan can not say, Xia Yan can only suppress anger and continue to treat Renji.

But at this moment, a voice rang in the ear, “But there are still many people who have not saved.”

Xia Yan heard the voice, turned his head and saw Aizen slowly walked into waiting room, with a pair of black-rimmed glasses on his gentle face, which looked gentle and elegant.

“Captain Aizen.”

Seeing people, Hinamori Momo stood up excitedly, but her feet hurt. Sitting down on the ground again.

“Don’t move, I will treat you.”

Aizen pressed Hinamori Momo shoulder and let her sit down and kneel in front of her to treat her.

Seeing that Aizen is treating herself like this, Hinamori Momo tears are full of eyes.

Xia Yan body was a bit stiff, and I didn’t expect Aizen to be here, but he was still beside him.

At this moment, Aizen suddenly asked: “Are you Xia Yan?”

Xia Yan heard this, and her heart jumped. How did he know himself? But still press the panic in my heart and ask: “Captain Aizen know me?”

Aizen nodded and said, “You are the genius that Spiritual Arts Academy hasn’t met for decades. I certainly know you, and I want you to go to 5th Division.”

Xia Yan controlled herself to restore calm, pretending to be a modest, and said: “But I can’t compare with your Vice-Captain.”

Aizen asked with a smile: “You mean Ichimaru Gin?”

Xia Yan nodded and said: “Ichimaru Gin predecessors have a sixth-class Reiatsu, the first grade is graduation, and once they enter 5th Division, they are three seats. And I am still only a sub-captain of squad. ”

Aizen smiled and said: “But your age is relatively small. He has been in Rukongai for many years before he entered the Division. You are only 15 years old, there is a fifth-class Reiatsu, latent talent will not be weaker than him. ”

When Xia Yan heard this, his heart jerked. Why did he know that he was 15 years old?

I jumped once, two years of graduation, another year after graduation, and now it is half a year.

To remember your age, you must remember your own trivial information, and it represents a constant concern.

If it is someone else, Xia Yan does not care, but if it is Aizen, you need to be careful.

Xia Yan showed an embarrassed expression and said, “I will target Ichimaru Gin predecessors.”

Aizen nodded and removed his hand and said, “Hinamori Momo, your injury is fine.”

Hinamori Momo said with gratitude: “Thank you, Captain Aizen.”

Aizen waved his hand and treated Kira Iziru next. After the treatment, Xia Yan just treated for Renji.

“In this case, I am going to help others.”

Aizen left the duty room, and when he disappeared outside the door, Hinamori Momo said excitedly: “Captain Aizen is so handsome, and he actually treated me by himself.”

Renji also nodded and said: “Captain Aizen Strength formidable, and modest, is really a good Captain.”

Hinamori Momo said with joy: “I decided! I am going to enter 5th Division and become a member of Captain Aizen. ”

Xia Yan heard this, and the eyes glanced. In the history, Hinamori Momo entered 5th Division, became a subordinate of Aizen, and finally became a Vice-Captain.

But the ending was pierced by the sword in Aizen’s hand, and by Tōshirō Hitsugaya as Aizen illusion, piercing the body with a sword.

Xia Yan thought of the future ending of Hinamori Momo. He did not want her to go to 5th Division. She said: “Hinamori sister, I think you are suitable for the 13th Division purification team, purifying the soul, can save more souls.”

“I don’t want to go to 12th Division.”Hinamori Momo said slyly: “The 5th Division has Captain Aizen, and 5th Division is a rescue team and can help others.”

Xia Yan heard this, very helpless, knowing the evolution of history, but has not have the ability changed it.

And too much interference will cause unnecessary trouble.

Xia Yan shook his head and didn’t talk anymore. Kira Izuru touched his cheek, and the scar had disappeared. He looked at the injured student around him and said, “I want to learn Kaidō, so I can save more people.”

Renji said with a smile: “Then you have to go to 4th Division.”

Kira Izuru nodded and said: “Going to 4th Division is also good and can help a lot of people.”

Xia Yan thought, perhaps for this reason, he entered 4th Division, but did not know why he entered 3rd Division in the future?

Renji said, “I want to be Shinigami first, so which Division invited me, I will go to which Division.”

When Xia Yan heard this, he suddenly remembered that Renji, three of them were valued by Aizen because of this battle. When they were graduated, they were invited to enter 5th Division. Kira Izuru refused the 5th Division and went to 4th Division. Renji and Hinamori Momo entered 5th Division, because Renji was not well controlled and was transferred to 11th Division by Aizen many years later.

Although only a few years, but still have a good relationship with 5th Division, so Xia Yan said: “Renji Big Brother, you do not want a hearty battle? I can recommend you to a good place. ”

Renji looks at Xia Yan, asks: “Where?”

Xia Yan said with a smile: “The 11th Division, there are all fighting mad, you should have seen the Captain of 11th Division, Zaraki Kenpachi.”

Renji heard this and raised an eyebrow. “11th Division?”

Xia Yan nodded: “Yes, 11th Division is the direct combat force of seireitei, good at frontal combat, and the force is formable. Of course, they only recognize brave and fearless students, and the ordinary person is inaccessible. ”

“Brave and fearless?”

Renji eyes lit up and said, “This is not me.”

Xia Yan said with a smile: “And they don’t use Kido to fight, they think that frontal combat is the best.”

“Yes, that’s right.”

Renji, who is not very good at Kido, is very convinced. He laughs and says, “That’s it, I am going to 11th Division.”

Xia Yan heard this and slightly calmed his heart. Although he did not stay in 5th Division for a long time in the original work, it was enough to reduce contact with Aizen.

By now, Renji life-calculation is a small change, although it can’t change history, but one day, he will reveal Aizen plot.

Xia Yan took back the treatment hand and said: “Okay, already to heal, Renji Big Brother, you move your arm.”

“Good, there is no difference, many thanks Xia Yan.”

Renji took a look at his arm. After thanking him, he stood up and said, “Since the treatment is over, let’s go back to school.”

“Okay, let’s go.”

The four men stood up and walked out of 4th Division. Xia Yan followed them behind and planned to send them back to school before leaving.

In the Courtyard house, Unohana Retsu stood beside Aizen and said with a smile: “There are too many injured people and there are not enough medical staff. Captain Aizen, you can help with treatment. It really helped a lot.”

Aizen said with a smile: “It is good to be able to help, these students are the guardians of the future.”

Unohana Retsu nodded and said, “I am going to visit other patients, and I am bothering you here.”

“Well, Unohana Captain go on.”

After Aizen finished speaking, he focused his attention on treating the wounded.

He has treated several patients in succession, and the forehead is covered with tiny sweat, which looks very hard.

In the eyes of these wounded people, they saved them and treated them with Aizen, kind, formidable, and desirable.

Many people also hope to become a subordinate of Captain Aizen, fighting under his arm, training, and living.

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