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    One day passed, “Desolate Battlegrounds” still did not open. The official website noticed that the game is being upgraded and more games will be opened.

Players are of course complaining about this, saying that they don’t believe their ghosts at all.

At this time, two Tencent games of Tencent game were released at the same time, which attracted the attention of most players and went to try.

“The Tencent chicken hand game has finally opened, and it has been waiting for a long time!” Netizens can’t wait.

At noon, there were finally two Tencent chickens on game platform. You can download the demo.

For a time, a large number of players poured into it and began to experience the legendary hand-held game.

Inside Tencent game, the data in the background is also monitored in real time.

Just opened for an hour, the registered players of both games are more than one million! And it is still growing!

“The strength of my big Tencent is really unbeatable! “Desolate Battlegrounds”, I guess they don’t even know when the server is fixed!” The top of Tencent game is very happy.

This grand event has also been reported in major game media.

There is a game media comment: “Tencent as giant of the game industry, its strength is unquestionable. Just released it is so hot, and the popular “Desolate Battlegrounds” because of the server problem, has not opened the service so far. I am afraid it will lose valuable competition. Timing, this week’s mobile game rankings, it is predicted that the penguin’s chicken hand tour!”

The major live broadcast platforms, also quickly opened a dedicated live channel of Tencent chicken hand game.

It seems that “Desolate Battlegrounds” will be defeated by the powerful offensive of Tencent game, and it will become a second-line game.

However, some of the sounds that are not so satisfying are slowly ringing.

In a black group of games, group friends are discussing the experience of just playing Tencent eating chicken.

One person said: “It’s so powerful, I feel don’t like it!”

Downstairs agreed: “Yeah, I still feel that the game experience of “Desolate Battlegrounds” is better. I just encountered two bugs when I played!”

“Stability is not good, I am dizzy!

” wilderness Mars ‘far worse! really, just play a few mad at me! ”

“play a few? brothers, in the end what you play?”

“said a few not to say, civilized you and me!”


On the live broadcast platform, many netizens are watching the main game of Tencent chicken hand game.

On the comment, there was a lot of discussion.

“This picture quality is not good!”

“Is the anchor open?”

“I opened Lamborghini at the age of fifteen, what about you?”

“I sent my grandson a Lamborghini today, what about you?”

“This game doesn’t feel much . OK? It doesn’t look like “Desolate Battlegrounds” is good!”

The anchor is also analyzing in real time, saying: “In terms of my personal experience, “Desolate Battlegrounds” is better. It is more convenient for the picture, fluency or operation. Tencent launched these two games too urgently, I just encountered BUG, ​​or I will definitely eat chicken in the game!”

Barrage: “The anchor can really blow, I almost believe it!”

“Oh, what are you playing? Is there no B number in the heart?”

“Is it a silly bomber? It’s just a game problem, don’t blame the anchor!”

“When I saw the anchor, I suddenly lost interest in playing, or waited for “Wild God of War” to open. Take it!”

On the official Weibo of “Desolate Battlegrounds”, some netizens were in hurry, and asked: “When do you open the service?”

“The Tencent chicken game doesn’t mean anything at all! ”

Official also issued a statement: “People wait patiently, the server has been upgraded, and the service will be opened within two hours. This game has also been further optimized and upgraded, and more games are open, so stay tuned!”

Another hour passed. The growth rate of Tencent chicken hand games is slowing down. However, because there are still many players who have not had time to play, there are still new accounts registered.

In a basement somewhere, several members of Octopus hacker organization prepared the equipment and were ready to start working.

“Red hair, you said that if we do this, will that person fulfill the promise?” a hacker asked.

“It should be.” Red hair said, “He doesn’t have to die with us.”

“So if we attack the servers of big companies, what do they do?”

Red hair thought twice and said: “The guess is definitely there, no. Admit it on the line. And we can expand the scope and stir the water so that no one knows.”

“That person is really embarrassed, the Trojan program given to us is something we have never seen before. When we attack, we still Can sell a sum.”

They are ready to start a network intrusion.

Tencent game, the background data is still rising. Suddenly an alarm came. “No, there are hackers attacking us!”

“Dare to attack us? Look for death?” Some people disdain.

“Not looking for death, they have broken through our network protection? I wiped, have invaded our database!”

“I wipe, what happened?” The Tencent game did not respond at all, the network has fallen.

“Fast, cut off the external network!”

Tencent two chicken-handed games are also the same as “Desolate Battlegrounds”, the server suddenly interrupted, the player was forced to withdraw from the game.

Not only that, but some other companies have also encountered this kind of thing. Awesome hackers attacked them at the same time, forcing them to shut down the server urgently.

On the Internet, there is a buzz.

“What do you do? Tencent, the game that was launched will be a problem!”

“I almost ate chicken, wasting my son expression!”

“Some popular chickens can’t play! and yesterday was “Desolate Battlegrounds”, what happened now?”

“The announcement, said that in the emergency repair, the repair time is unknown!”

“What does this let us play? One by one, there are moths!”

Inside Tencent game, the top is getting angry.

“What is the situation? Our company will be attacked by hackers?”

The subordinate said helplessly: “This situation is too sudden, no warning. And the other party seems to have already broken through our network protection, specifically pick this opportunity!”

” I don’t care about this, I will ask you, when can you solve it?”

“This…” The subordinates are awkward and say: “It is still unknown, but we are doing our best!”

The high-level can not help but think of what happened to Red Letter game yesterday, is it retribution? That arrives so fast?

“Be sure to find out, it is best to find behind the scenes! Dare to attack us, courage is too big!”

More than just Tencent games, some big game companies are also facing this situation.

“This is a premeditated hacking!” Inside a company, management is in a meeting.

“There are still no solutions from technicians.”

“There are no hackers in China at present. The friends in the circle also said that they don’t know who did it. Is it possible to be a foreign hacker?”

“It is possible. But the purpose of the other party is What? At present, the hacker has not made any request!”

These companies are all confused. What they can do now is to fix the network problem as soon as possible and open the service early to avoid greater losses.

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