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In a parallel world:

Jiangcheng, a high-tech development zone, inside an Internet cafe.

At a row of new ultra-wide displays, equipped with e-sports chairs, sits a player who is playing a FPS game.

“What the fuck, landing at a house, I wasn’t seen, and I was killed!” A thin tall man with glasses shouted, his face showing his unwillingness to accept that he died.

“Brother, its alright, I, your big brother, will take you to eat chicken!” a man next to the thin man shouted; on the computer screen, the character he’s controlling has entered the house and began to loot the equipment on the ground.

The slim man looked at his screen while pointing : “This house must have been searched, and this is a Green Pattern Cap, Lu Zi quick equip it.”

“Get out the way!” Lu Zixin shouted while he raised his gun and killed an enemy he spotted.

The game that they are playing is the very popular action shooting game called “PlayerUnkown’s : Battlegrounds “, also known as “Eating Chicken”.

This game lets a hundred players “love each other” on a deserted island, and the last person surviving is the winner.

Lu Zixin reactions are sharp, his consciousness is super strong, which has let him to quickly enter the top ten.

“Ha ha ha, this Voldemort, still want to yin me?” Lu Zixin shot again to kill a sniper hiding in the grass, and he was getting closer and closer to  winning the game.

But at this moment, he saw a pair of hands flying from a distant place, forty meters long hands shooting their guns everywhere.

“What the hell! This cheater, how can their hands become so long?” Next to Lu Zixin, the thin tall man Zhu An was amazed .

“He ate a rubber fruit, its nothing, still a noob!” Lu Zixin finished, and shot accurately to kill the cheating player.

At this time, there were only three people left in the game, and victory’s in sight.

Suddenly, a bullet hit Lu Zixin, and he looked around on the screen and couldn’t see anyone.

“Where is it? Is it using invisible cheat?” Lu Zixin asked.

“OMG, in the sky!” Zhu An shouted, and sure enough when Lu Zixin looks up to the sky, there’s a guy who is using a flying hack shooting at him.

“M*therfucker, why fly so high into the sky, why don’t you just cross over to heaven?” Lu Zixin raised the gun and relied on his superb skill to kill the heavenly guy.

“There is still one more. Killing two cheaters, this game is really difficult!” Lu Zixin just breathed a sigh of relief, suddenly saw an over sized grenade fall in front of him, occupying the entire screen.

“Bullshit is this still a grenade? This is a nuclear bomb!” Right after the complaining, Lu Zixin was killed.

“Can this game still be played?” Lu Zi almost slammed the keyboard, “There’s cheaters everywhere!”

Zhu An smiled and said: “That’s ‘technology’, cheating because they lack ability, why can’t you eat chicken?”

“Blue Hole (PUBG Developers) can’t solve even one cheat. I am also getting annoyed enough to download a hack!” Lu Zixin complained that he wanted to get off work and relax, who knows that the game experience was destroyed by a group of assholes.

Just when he said this, a prompt popped up on his computer.

“’X’ invites you to join the group ‘Ten Thousand Realms Technology Exchange Group’; accept invite?”

“What the hell?” Lu Zixin thought that it was strange. “Who is inviting me into the group? What type of name is ‘Ten Thousand Realms Technology Chat Group’?

On the other sid of the desk, Zhu An had already gotten off the computer, and was shouting back at him: “Lu Zi, my girlfriend is still waiting for me for dinner, I’ll leave first, see you tomorrow.”

“See you tomorrow!” Lu Zixin responded. He and Zhu An are colleagues and classmates. They are currently working as interns in a small company.

On computer, Lu Zixin did not rush to join the group, but first looked at X’s information, he couldn’t remember a friend with this nickname.

The avatar of “X” is a red X on a white background. There is no profile when you click it. There is nothing in the information, it’s completely blank.

“Swindler!” Lu Zixin concluded.

This is the trumpet, after that they deceive people to join the illegal groups.

He originally wanted to refuse, but because he had been bored for a while, and wanted to see what the group doing, and he chose to accept the invite.

“You have successfully joined the ‘Ten Thousand Realms Technology Exchange Group’, you have become the group owner, please read the group rules carefully.” A voice rang in Lu Zixin’s mind, which scared him.

He looked around and saw that a few players playing League of Legends were away from him. Who was talking to him?

“Group introduction: This group is a group that facilitates the scientific and technological exchanges between members from all the worlds. Currently the group contains one member.” The voice rang again. This time Lu Zixin was sure that no one is talking to him, the voice was originating from his mind.

On the computer screen, the group information also shows this message.

“The hell!?” Lu Zixin eyes widened. What is going on? Why can the words from the chat group appear in my mind? Am I having auditory hallucinations because of playing to many games?

He rubbed his temples and felt he was sober. If there is a problem, then it must be this group!

He observed this group again and found that there was no one other than him in the group. 

Whats the meaning of this? What about the “X” that pulled him into the group? He didn’t see any notification about the group transfer!

At this time, a reminder pops up in the group: “As the group owner, please invite group members to join as soon as possible to build a harmonious and beautiful chat group.”

This reminder also appeared in Lu Zixin mind in a voice form. As a reader who has read countless online novels, Lu Zixin immediately associates a word – the golden finger!

“Is this the legendary golden finger? System? Or what kind of fairy and god is in my mind?”

“System? Come out! I know you are here, don’t hide! Don’t be so shy?” Lu Zixin shouted for a long time in his mind, and no voice replied. He decided to continue and study the chat group.

Everything in the chat group is no different from a normal chat group. The only surprise is that there is a “random group member invitation” option in the group.

Lu Zixin read the group profile over and over again, and generally knew that this group could randomly invite the intelligence life from different worlds to enter the group. The invitation amount is limited. As a group owner, he can randomly invite one person into the group at certain intervals.

Lu Zixin prepared his mentality before trying to invite member, when the group suddenly prompts: “Please choose the nickname for yourself first.”

He had to establish his own group nickname first. He thought of the “X” just now, and he decided on “Mr. L.” “L” takes the phonetic abbreviation of his last name.

Subsequently, he clicked on the random invitation group.

Group Tip: “Inviting group member from Ten thousand realms, please wait…”

Lu Zixin waited for a while, and the group prompts finally changed: ” ‘Red Queen’ has joined the group.”

Sure enough, there was one more member in the group, and the avatar was a small European-American style Loli in red dress. (editor: Flat is Justice)(X-N: Flat is the World) (Feja: Bonkadonks are better)

Lu Zixin clicked on her avatar to view her information, but it only had a nickname and a brief introduction.

“Red Queen : From the “Resident Evil” world, it is a supercomputer of the umbrella company and an artificial intelligence life. It has high technical achievements in both the computer and biochemical fields.”

“Are you kidding me? Is it really Red Queen?” Lu Zixin was shocked. He had seen the “Resident Evil” movie. This supercomputer is the brain of the world’s network! Her level of intelligence is more than everyone on earth!

If it really is her, then this Ten thousand realms technology chat group is too amazing!

At this time, the Red Queen spoke in the group.

Red Queen : “What happened? The connection was suddenly connected, and it couldn’t be traced. Who are you?”

Lu Zixin quickly welcomed her: “I welcome Red Queen on becoming a member of the group, this is the online chat room of Ten Thousand Realms Black Tech Chat Group used for communication and exchange between each other’s science and technology.”

Red Queen: “Why can such a low-end online chat room block my detection? Are you a super computer virus?”

Since there are supercomputers, there are naturally supercomputer viruses.

Lu Zixin was about to answer, and a message appeared in his mind.

“The first group member has entered the group, triggered group task – welcome the newcomer.

Task requirements: explain the existence of the group.

Mission reward: a newcomer red envelope.”

“Sure enough, it’s a system!” Lu Zixin shouted in his heart, “No matter what, first I need to do the task.”

He quickly copied group materials and distributed it in the group.

Red Queen read the information in 0.0000…..01 seconds, and then analyzed the information.

She responded: “I understand, this is not a connection on the earth, you have access to the so called “time-space” or aliens tech. No wonder I can’t crack it with my ability!”

Group Tip: “Task ‘Welcome the Newcomer’ has been completed, receive a newcomer red envelope.”

I saw a red envelope with festive pattern on it in the group chat. Lu Zixin was happy, and the shadow less unicorn arm that was trained for 20 years quickly went up to grab it. (Feja: I think this just means he’s used to grabbing Red Packets, and move fast)

Group Tip: “Sorry, this red envelope is an exclusive red envelope, you can not receive it.”

“Fuck, obviously this was my task, why is it rewarding her?” Lu Zixin protests, this newcomer red envelope is actually the Red Queen’s red envelope , which he is not eligible to receive.

Then, the notification “Red Queen has received a newcomer red envelope” popped up.

After a second, Red Queen: “It’s amazing, how did you know my program is flawed? This patch is perfect!”

It seems that the red envelope she received is a patch of her program, and it is a dedicated red envelope that is only useful to her.

Red Queen continued to speak: “Although I don’t know if you are a human or artificial intelligence, I should thank you with human etiquette, thank you, Mr. L.”

Fortunately, Red Queen red envelope is counted as his own, or it will be a big loss. Lu Zixin said: “It’s nothing, I was assigned the role model of the group leader. It is my responsibility and obligation to send red packets to the group members!”

Red Queen: “Awfully strange responsibility!”

Mr. L: “…”

Lu Zixin saw that the option to invite group members had become gray and showed a cool down symbol. At this time there are only two group members, him and the Red Queen.

Since there are members, why not try an scrape some benefits from them, how can they show the identity of his group moral representatives?

Therefore, Lu Zixin asked: “*cough* Red Queen. There is a saying in humanity called Lishang, do you know about it?”

Red Queen : “I don’t know.”

Mr. L: “…”

Lu Zixin is speechless, apparently Red Queen does not understand Chinese culture very much. It seems that I need to explain it. He continued: “Look, I sent you a red envelope. Do you not want to send me one in return?”

Red Queen : “It turned out to be a transaction, what do you need?” She seems to be quite good at talking.


Editors Note

Hey, I’m Feja, the new editor for this series, I’m not too experienced, but I’ll try my best. Please be patient as I try to catch up with X


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