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  ”The key point of Shunpo is that Reishi forms a whole body. In a moment, legs erupt with the Reiatsu and the leg muscles produce a formidable Strength, which exerts a force on the ground and relies on the reaction force to make an instant movement.”

  “Shunpo moving route is straight forward, and in the process, it can be Attack or defend.”

  Shunpo teacher stood on the training grounds and directed each student to the Shunpo training.

  This lesson is the Shunpo course, and Shunpo is Shinigami’s unique footwork and is a fast-moving technique.

  Shinigami Shunpo, Quincy Hirenkyaku and Hollow Sonído, are all high-speed moving techniques. The first two are moved by Reishi gathering in the body legs, and Sonído is the overall movement of the body.

  Shunpo is also naturally high and low, such as Yoruichi, who is able to escape the pursuit of Byakuya while holding a person.

  And Shunpo can reach a certain level to make a realm, that is, suspended in the air.

  With this at the same time, and Shunpo high level technique, Utsusemi, by discarding the clothes, to make the afterimage, to create a momentary fake body to confuse the enemy.

  Utsusemi speed is extremely fast, leaving the afterimage when the clothes are suspended in the air for a moment.

  In addition to the application of Shunpo, there are also high-level momentary bombs. Only three people in the comics are represented, namely Soi Fon and Yoruichi Shihōin and Yūshirō Shihōin. Soi Fon said that she created a kind of Kido and Hakuda. There is no name for fighting, but Yoruichi Shihōin said that there is a name called Shunkō, and she also introduced Shunkō with the combat uniforms of the Onmitsukidō Corps, but as the Commander-in-Chief of the Onmitsukidō. Soi Fon don’t know until she create it. The Shihōin family, Yoruichi younger brother, Yūshirō Shihōin, knew that he had developed an Shunkō.

  This Shunkō should be the secret of Shihōin Clan, because Shihōin Clan was the commander-in-chief of the Onmitsukidō Corps before Soi Fon, so she made the corresponding dress.

  Xia Yan feels that Soi Fon can create a Shunkō alone. After mastering Shunpo, I can try it.

  The Shunkō is powerful without a doubt, Yoruichi was able to break Aizen second form of armor that collapsed after using the armor developed by Kisuke Urahara. Speed ​​and impact are unquestionable.

  Not to mention Shunkō and the form of the higher level, Shunkō: Raijin Senkei, Shunkō: Raiju Senkei: Shunryū Kokubyō Senki in the form of black cat, and Shunkō: Bakuen Musō. Soi Fon has also developed Mukyū Shunkō.

  Therefore, Xia Yan is very interested about Shunpo and wants to master this footwork.

  However, Shunpo mastery is extremely difficult. The first step is to unify the body Reishi into a whole. This is very difficult.

  The soul is exuding the Reishi all the time. The Reishi as strip of the ribbon, called the Reiryoku. According to the difference of the Reishi, the identity of the soul can be separated.

  The Reishi of ordinary soul is white, while the Reishi of Shinigami is red.

  Seeing the Reishi of others, you need the strength of Shinigami, but you can feel your own Reishi, but the soul of most fourth-class Reiatsu can felt it.

  To master Shunpo, you need to reclaim the soul with the body when you use it, so that the body forms a whole, and does not keep Reishi consumption.

  Xia Yan control of Reishi is still not at ease, especially when his body is still growing up and has not reached the limit of this body.

  So the Reishi is growing almost every moment, and Reiatsu is more pervasive around the body.

  Xia Yan can only improve his own control of Reishi through training again and again. This is not a simple talent, and it takes a lot of effort.

  In fact, most people are also very difficult to do this, only to explore again and again.

  After almost a month, Xia Yan did his own Reishi and put a trace of it.

At this time, wrap Reishi on your feet and try to master Shunpo.

  Shunpo needs a momentary explosion, just like the instant blast developed on this foundation, which is to concentrate Reishi on the back and shoulders to achieve the speedup again.

  Xia Yan gathered Reishi on the body legs, violently bursting the Reishi, the legs bent and leaped forward, but in the process of leaping, the body leaped high and the Reishi collapsed in midair, and the speed slowed down. It fell from the sky, so it was only three meters away.

  Xia Yan carefully thought about the problem that had just appeared. The first one was that Reishi release was unstable and would collapse in midair. This is a lack of control for Reishi, and he must keep Reishi wrapped in both legs and feet.

  The second is that the body cannot control autonomously and leaps high during the move. Shunpo focuses on the moving speed, although it can move to the height, but Xia Yan leaping is a mistake of the musculoskeletal style, and at the same time there is also a mistake in the release of the position of Reishi.

  After Xia Yan analysis, he found his own problem and began to change. He spent nearly half a month to keep Reishi release of his legs.

  Constantly mediate the strength of Reishi release as well as the direction of the spray to achieve the optimal style.

  In the process of consuming Reishi, Reishi is constantly added, and Xia Yan Reiatsu is slowly increasing.

  After doing this, Xia Yan began to ask the teacher for the force movements of the legs and the control of the musculoskeletal.

  According to Xia Yan question, the teacher told the Xia Yan that all the muscle groups involved in the movement and the participating muscle groups. After Xia Yan wrote down, he recorded it with the style of drawing, and continued to simulate it every day.

  Finally, after studying Shunpo for two months, Xia Yan mastered Shunpo.

  Only to see Xia Yan legs were slightly curved, and with the relaxation of the both legs, the spiritual power bloomed.

  Bang, the next moment, Xia Yan appeared ten meters away.

  Then he stepped on his feet, the forefoot was forced to the ground, the Reiatsu bloomed, and the body suddenly retreat, appearing behind seven meters.

  Xia Yan constantly modified the control of Reiatsu to make his speed faster and farther.

  Xia Yan was the first to master Shunpo, but the students around him had been stunned by him and had long been used to his genius.

  With this at the same time, Xia Yan notes the record of the direction of the jet power, as well as the combination of the leg force style and the muscle group, has become a collection of other students competing to borrow.

  Of course, each person body is different, and the level of Reiatsu is different, so it is not possible to completely copy Xia Yan method.

  But with the combination of solution and motion mechanics, this notes analysis style helps their classmates speed up their mastery of Shunpo.

  This has never happened before, and Xia Yan notes are missing on a certain night and come back in a few days.

  Xia Yan thought that which classmate borrowed, and did not care much.

  But in a hidden room, a figure sits cross-legged on the ground, eyes staring at a sheet of paper. “This style of dismantling the body is not only suitable for Shunpo, but also useful for Hakuda. In the past, Hakuda was changed by experience and actual combat, but now it seems that there is a new idea. It can help to modify the inappropriate moves in the current Hakuda, and also create a Hakuda that is more suitable for the human body. ”

  The figure raised the head and said, “This brat is really a genius. It seems that I need to find a way to let him join the Onmitsukidō Corps.”

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