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  Xia Yan and the others waited for a while, gathered seven or eight people, and then a teacher came to them and said with a smile: “My name is Sato Hideki, a teacher of the Spiritual Arts Academy. Let me take you there.”

  After saying this, Sato Hideki took them to the South Gate of Seireitei.

  The courtyard wall of Seireitei is towering and magnificent. Most of the time is hidden. If there is no court permit, the wall will fall from the sky and stop the entrant.

  Now because it is the time of admission, the courtyard wall of the ridge falls, blocking all entrants.

  And through the assessment of Freshman, you need to be led by the teacher, through the four doors of Seireitei.

  The four gates of Seireitei are West Gate White Road Gate, East Gate Blue Stream Gate, North Gate Black Ridge Gate, and South Gate Red Hollow Gate.

  Warden’s four doors are consistently Jidanbō Ikkanzaka, Kaiwan, Danzōmaru and Higonyūdō.

  They went to the South Gate Red Hollow Gate, which Higonyūdō opened the door entrance, and Sato Hideki took them into Red Hollow Gate.

  After Red Hollow Gate, it is a spacious and smooth street that leads to the distance and extends to the center Seireitei.

  Looking forward from here, you can see the towering minaret, which is the 46th room of the center. It is composed of forty sages and six judges throughout the Soul Society. It is the judiciary of the Soul Society.

  However, Xia Yan knows that 50 years later, everyone in Room 46 was killed by Aizen, and in the name of forty-six rooms, a fake order was issued to kill Kuchiki Rukia.

  Thinking of what happened in the future, Xia Yan was secretly vigilant.

  On both sides of the road, there are rows of buildings, which are very neat and tidy. The simple and unadorned buildings exude a classic atmosphere.

  There are occasional Shinigami passes on the streets, as well as nobles in ordinary clothes.

  Xia Yan and the others all looked at the sights around, and most of the sights they saw in front of them made them feel amazed.

  This is Seireitei, clean, tidy, exudes a solemn atmosphere.

  After a long walk, teacher Sato Hideki took them to the northwest direction.

  The Spiritual Arts Academy is located in the West of Seireitei, and to reach the Spiritual Arts Academy, you need to cross a small half of the court.

  After almost half an hour, the talents came to the Spiritual Arts Academy.

  I saw a towering building in front of me. The walls were white and the eaves were tilted up and simple.

  This is the teaching building of the Spiritual Arts Academy. It has a Level 3 and covers a very wide area. It has a structure on both sides and an open space in the middle.

  There is also a courtyard wall in front of the teaching building. There is a gate in the center of the courtyard. There are many young girls entering the gate. They all wear the same uniform.

  These uniforms are very similar to Shihakushō worn by Shinigami, with a skirt on the lower body and a kimono on the upper body. The uniforms of the boys and girls are different in color. The lining edges of the boys’ upper body kimonos and the skirts are blue, and the lining edges of the girls’ upper body kimonos. And the skirt is red.

  These students of the Spiritual Arts entered the teaching building of the Spiritual Arts Academy.

  Xia Yan and the others stood at the gate, the crowd in front of the look at, the eyes revealing an envious look.

  Sato Hideki saw this scene and said with a smile: “You are also a student of the Spiritual Arts from now on. Come, I will take you to register.”

  Sato Hideki took a few people into the gate and went to the school office to register the information of each person and apply for a student status.

  Then Sato Hideki took them to the accommodation building on the right side of the teaching building to check in.

  The Spiritual Arts Academy has two types of day students, day students and accommodation students. Most of the students are born in the Shinigami family and live in Seireitei. The boarding student is the ordinary family soul who lives in Rukongai. Because Seireitei is not allowed to enter and exit at will, he must live in the school building.

  The proportion of day students is much larger than that of accommodation students. Because the parents are Shinigami, they can have a Reiatsu at birth, and have an auxiliary item for exercise Reiatsu, so the chance to enter the Spiritual Arts Academy is much greater than that of the soul born in Rukongai.

  However, Xia Yan, Renji, Rukia and Kira Iziru are all from Rukongai, so they all need to live in school.

  The place of accommodation is at the back of the school building. After registration, Xia Yan, Renji and Kira Iziru are divided into the same dormitory. In addition, there is a teenager named Kondo, a total of four people in one bedroom.

  As for Rukia, she have to go to the girls dormitory and have to be temporarily separated from Xia Yan and the others.

  After Sato Hideki arranged for them to stay, they went to the textbook and school uniform the day before the start of school, and they left here and continued to pick up Freshman.


  In the dormitory, Xia Yan looks at the clean bed and the bright room, and I am very excited.

  I really became a part of the Spiritual Arts Academy.

  As long as you can get from the Spiritual Arts Academy graduation, you can become a Shinigami.

  Xia Yan is very happy, Renji is no exception, his face is filled with joy, and he turns around in the bedroom.

  Kondo face is also full of joy, only Kira Iziru, his face is light.

  Renji saw this scene and curiously asked: “Kira, why are you not happy at all?”

  Kira Iziru said faintly: “Going to the Spiritual Arts Academy is just the beginning. It is a long way to go to become Shinigami.”

  Upon hearing this, Renji joy was slightly reduced, and Xia Yan also nodded secretly, thinking that he was right.

  I’m now a student of the Spiritual Arts Academy. If I want to become Shinigami, I still need to pass six years of study and pass the assessment before I can become Shinigami.

  And there is a big difference between Shinigami, both ordinary Shinigami, but also captain Shinigami.

  More than that, the gap between vice-Captain class and Captain is extremely large, and the gap between the Captain and the Super Captain class is also large.

  In addition, there are two 2000-year-old Captain Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto and Unohana Retsu, as well as five members of the Five Special Forces in Zero Squad.

  Xia Yan knows the history of the future and knows what kind of danger the Soul Society will face. The Captain class is just a pawn.

  Although the Soul Society was at the end of the day, the losses suffered were enormous and there were countless deaths and injuries.

  You must have a super Captain Strength to protect yourself and your loved ones.

  In less than sixty years, Aizen will betray the Soul Society, and Rukia will be a prisoner under his conspiracy.

  Xia Yan does not want to pin his hopes on Kurosaki ichigo, he must have Ability to save Rukia before that.

  Thinking of this, Xia Yan joy is slowed down and replaced by pressure.

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