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Turn on the phone, the first is facial recognition, which is also one of the features of Red Cloud smartphone assistant.

In less than a second, the phone recognized Han Jia’s facial features, successfully unlocked, and then he turned on the smart voice assistant.

“Hello, I am red cloud, I am very happy to meet you!” The synthetic female voice, through the sound reinforcement equipment of the demonstration station, can be heard clearly in the audience.

“The sound quality of this synthesizing sound is good, better than before!” The staff whispered that the previous synth sound had a little mechanical sound, without this nature.

“Hello, Red Cloud.” Han Jia talked to it and asked: “Can you introduce yourself?”

“Okay. Hello everyone, I am Red Cloud Smart Voice Assistant, Red Cloud, you can communicate with me by voice. Any instructions you can tell me directly, Red Cloud will do it for you. For example, the time is now 3:50 pm in Beijing time.”

“Good.” Han Jia said, “I just showed ordinary voice communication. In addition, we have added the most widely spoken dialects in voice library, as well as several languages ​​such as English, French, and Russian. Popular network language, it can understand.”

Everyone applauded, but they are still very confused. This intelligent voice assistant seems to have nothing particularly powerful.

Han Jia also showed several basic functions, such as he said: “Give me a soft song.”

Red Cloud can automatically play music through music software. Others can open film and television apps, chat software, or talk and so on.

“Next, let’s look at something smarter!”

Han Jia said to Red Cloud: “Red Cloud, I don’t want to go to work tomorrow, you can help me send a text message to my boss.”

“Okay, do you see this? Dear boss, the company’s business is booming recently. I am excited and working hard. I don’t want to be physically fit. I want to rest for a day at home. My work tasks have been arranged properly. Will not affect the progress of project. I wish the boss healthy, hope to approve!” Red Cloud quickly generated a text message.

Han Jia said: “Yes, send it.”

Subsequently, this text message was sent directly to Liang Song by Red Cloud.

Under the stage, the applause was more heated than the last time. The intelligence displayed by the Red Cloud Intelligent Voice Assistant was higher than before.

Han Jia’s face also showed a smile, saying: “Analyze people’s instructions and then operate the software. This is the biggest feature of our Red Cloud Intelligent Voice Assistant.”

“Everyone continues to watch, Red Cloud, take a picture of me.” Han Jia holds a mobile phone.

Red Cloud: “Okay, please smile, read with me, eggplant!”

A photo was generated, Han Jia said: “This photo is not handsome, help me to make it handsome.”

After he finished, Red Cloud automatically launched the Mito software, beautifying the photos, freckling, going to the dark circles, and so on.

And it not only generates one, but generates several different styles of photos.

pā pā pā !” The applause sounded again.

“I think this feature, for the majority of female users, will definitely like it, not just that.” Han Jia said, “Red Cloud, I want to watch the latest movie “War Wolf 3″, help me buy a ticket.”

Red Cloud immediately said: “Master, are you alone, or with friends? At what time?”

“After work, I will be with two friends.” Han Jia replied.

“Okay, there are three cinemas nearby, and the world movie theater have the best experience and the distance is very close. You have chosen the best offer from the group purchase method from the eight ticket purchase methods. The travel route has been planned and completed. Open a trip reminder for you?”

On Han Jia’s mobile phone screen, several programs appeared, and the advantages and disadvantages of various programs were also shown.

When Han Jia selected one of the programs, the rest of ticket purchase, travel, return, itinerary and other things, Red Cloud can be planned, of course, this is limited to the existing software features on the phone.

Seeing this, everyone not only applauded, but even applauded!

“Great! This level of intelligence is at least ten times higher than what we have done before!”

“The cow fork! Intelligent generation program, but also the best choice, too human!”

“Is this really what we made?”


Han Jia introduced: “The function of Red Cloud Intelligent Voice Assistant is not only to buy tickets, but also to buy other things. For example, online shopping platform has many similar products, various preferential policies. When you are confused, Red Cloud can directly give you Choose the best solution!”

“Travel, camera, call, etc. are the same. Even when you play the game, you can open Red Cloud and let it replace you to play! Point your skills or help you call 666!”

Han Jia said here, everyone laughed, and there was some pride in the laughter, so the intelligent software was actually developed by them together!

“Right, General also deliberately added a feature to Red Cloud Smart Voice Assistant, which is the emoticon package generation.” Han Jia said, “This is a very interesting little feature. You may not find a suitable emoticon package when you chat. And Red Cloud can search for the appropriate emoticon package according to the context, or make it according to your requirements, I personally find it very interesting!”

In fact, this is Lu Zixin accidentally added, but compared to Red Queen, there is more than one level.

Han Jia has already introduced it almost. He said: “It can be said that our Red Cloud Intelligent Voice Assistant has already achieved success at this stage! Not only that, but our Red Cloud Intelligent Information Processing System has also built an algorithm framework!”

“As long as we continue to improve and fill the algorithm, we can make it more intelligent! Not only mobile phones, but also mobile terminals such as computers, cars, smart watches, etc. in the future!”

“All this, thanks to the guidance of General Lu!”

pā pā pā…” is another warm applause. This time it is not flattery, but everyone is sincere.

“General is a real cow. In a month, we have perfected the intelligence to this point and gave us a template. It is a god of computers!”

“When I go to work tomorrow, I have to change the photo of the four elder brothers to General. If I have nothing to do, I can worship!”

The old employees who had bet before also said: “What do I say, General comes, our progress has accelerated at least one year! You lost the bet!”

Those employees who did not believe before also exclaimed: “I went, I didn’t expect the boss to have this ability, take it!”

“Put gambling and lose, this is the most willing I lost. You have a meal next month, we have a few bags!”

Not only them, Han Jia and Wei Tongfu and other original project leaders, also a face of worship. They were also worried about Lu Zixin’s arbitrary command and screwed up their work.

Looking at it now, what is it? It is clear that they are taking them directly! Contrast to Lu Zixin’s leadership this month, the research is flying fast!

They don’t understand, Lu Zixin can understand.

Wei Tongfu said with emotion: “I really don’t know how General brain is. The results we spent on research for one year are not as great as this month!”

“Or else people are the bosses?” Liang Song said with a smile, “I told you earlier, now believe it?”

“Trust, believe! With this template, our Red Cloud will definitely become one of the world’s most ‘smart’ artificial intelligence!”

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