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The big star Mask fist, falling from the sky, slammed into Zaraki Kenpachi.

But just as the fist was about to touch Zaraki Kenpachi, a long spear was blocked in front of the fist.

Then the long spear flipped and drew in Mask.


Mask was shot by long spear and squatted on the distant wall.

“Take him away.” The gentle voice sounded, and two figures appeared next to Zaraki Kenpachi, lifting him up and running towards the distance.

“You are Hollow?”

Zaraki Kenpachi looks at the cloak and feels that their Reiatsu is different.

“Yes, we are the masters Nelliel subordinate.” Pesche replied.

Zaraki Kenpachi asked with anger: “Why are you saving me?”

Dondochakka replied: “It’s very simple, because Lord Xia Yan let us save you.”

“Xia Yan?”

Zaraki Kenpachi nodded, let go of his heart and closed his eyes.

After Dondochakka and Pesche left with Zaraki Kenpachi, Nelliel stood there, and she had already carried out a piece of returning. This is an insurance move.

Along with her injection, a figure jumped from a distance and kicked Nelliel with both feet.

“The star flies.”

Facing the Attack from opposite side, Nelliel evaded the attack, flashing for a moment, the long spear in her hand.


Mask was knocked down to the ground.

Nelliel’s foot stepped on the ground, leaping high, and the long spear in her hand was thrown away from the sky.

Lanzador Verde.


a huge explosion sounded, the surrounding ground is constantly shaking.

But after the explosion, a figure slowly climbed up, but the body was not hurt. He stared at Nelliel in the sky. Some disappointed said: “Only this level? That does not provide a wonderful battle for the audience.”

Mask disappointed, because Nelliel’s Strength is almost the same as Zaraki Kenpachi.

Zaraki Kenpachi’s current Strength is a bit better than the strength when defeating Espada #5.

After Nelliel recovered the strength, it was stronger than Espada #5 strength.

So there is not much difference between the two strengths that the two now show.

Nelliel heard this, coldly snorted, and said, “Is it? Then you first beat…”

Nelliel’s voice has not been finished, a figure appeared in front of her, double fists turned into a residual image, and instantly hit a dozen punches.

 Boom, bang, bang, bang.

“The star kills Iron Fist.”

When Mask made the first punch, Nelliel lifted the long spear to block.

When Mask made a second punch, Nelliel’s long spear was shattered.

When Masco made the third punch, Nelliel blocked his fist with the both hands and resisted the fist.

And the next fist, all bombarded on Nelliel.

  Ah, ah, ah, ah.

Nelliel body trembled, and finally punched straight out.

And when Nelliel flew out, a figure hugged Nelliel and threw her out.

“Star hugs.”

Also known as Martial Arts, being a great opponent, can be beaten a mile away.


Nelliel squatted on the ground, the blood spit out, and the body was broken.

“But that’s it.”

Mask sighed, and next to James sounded the final sound.


“Xia Yan, your subordinate, has lost one.”

Yamamoto Genryuusai said with a gloomy face.

Xia Yan took back the long sword in his hand, the blood dripping above it, and the Yhwach in the distance became the look of Lloyd and fell to the ground.

Xia Yan said with no anger: “I said it, let her wave all the Strength, and the result is still underestimated.”

“Having suffered such a blow, it is already dead.”

Yamamoto Genryuusai asked gently.

Xia Yan said with a smile: “Don’t worry, just wait and see.”

Along with Xia Yan’s words, a distant flash of light flashed, and Nelliel’s injury continued to heal and slowly stood up from the ground.

After healing, she had no armor, no mask, and turned into an antelope.

“Reiatsu has improved.”

Yamamoto Genryuusai saw this scene and nodded secretly.

Xia Yan said: “You still go back to Seireitei, to prevent him from attacking Seireitei, and here, You will hand it over to me.”

“Well, I will hand it to you here.”

Yamamoto Genryuusai said, opened the black chamber and went to Seireitei.


Seeing Nelliel recovering the body, Mask was a little surprised, how could it be?

Just my own Attack, even if it is self-bearing, why she will not die?

“I have a big trouble. Going back will be reprimanded by Xia Yan.”

Nelliel said with distress.

Seeing this scene, Mask jumped out and rushed to Nelliel. Fist slammed it out, but it was empty.

Nelliel appeared above Mask and showed a Reishi long spear in her hand.


Long spear runs through Mask chest, the latter body trembles, Nelliel pulls out long spear, looks at opposite side, and gently says, “You are dead.”

But the next moment, a huge fist hit Nelliel.

“Dead As long as James is not dead, I will not die.”

Mask said proudly.

Nelliel was caught off guard and was shot out, but in the sky, she flipped and her body floated, and a long spear appeared again.


Long spear did not stab to Mask, but shot James, a huge explosion that melted James.

“This will kill you.”

Nelliel looked at Mask, who smiled slightly and said, “It’s useless, as long as I don’t, he won’t die.”

After Mask finished, James slowly appeared in the open space in the distance, and not one or two, but four full, running toward the distance.

“That would kill you all.”

Nelliel had two Reishi spear in her hand, and she took one of them and threw it at James.


The explosion killed a James, but she had not had time to throw out the second long spear, a figure rising into the sky, his head slammed into Nelliel.

Nelliel clenched her fist in her right hand and slammed it toward the head of the opposite side.


Nelliel’s right hand is directly distorted at an incredible angle.

“Strength is getting bigger, how is this possible?”

Although Nelliel is not good at strength, the strength of the opposite side has been increased several times.

“It’s very simple. The more James there is, the stronger my Strength is.”

Mask said, holding Nelliel’s body and slamming it to the ground from the air.

“The star throws.”

Nelliel squatted in the desert, and Mask opened his limbs and aimed at Nelliel.

I saw a pentagonal mark on the ground, and Nelliel is in the center of the pentagon.

“Star beam, grade new star.”

A huge pentagonal beam of light appeared, enveloped Nelliel.

“This time, you are going to die.”

Mask breathed a sigh of relief, but the light column disappeared in an instant, and Nelliel stood there without any injury.


Mask didn’t know why the opposite side had no injuries, and where the light column went.


Nelliel’s limbs were on the ground, and flying in the sky, appeared at the top of the 500 meters above Mask, opened his mouth.

“zī zī.”

The huge light flashed in the mouth, and a huge beam of light came out.

“Cero Doble.”

The beam enveloped Mask, covering all the James on the ground, forming a huge beam of light.

The ground trembled, the sand and stone turned over, and the sound of the sky shook, making everyone feel guilty.

When the light disappeared, Mask and James disappeared.

Nelliel wiped her mouth and said, “Your Strength makes me jealous, but, thanks, you give me such a formidable energy.”

Xia Yan in the distance, seeing this scene, the corner of the mouth reveals a smile: “After the second stage, she can not only swallow Cero, but also swallow up all the energy formed by Reishi, then fuse her own Cero and spray together.”

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