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“Crush him, Gegetsuburi.”

Ōmaeda Marechiyo screamed, and the huge meteor hammer in his hand smashed to the opposite Quincy.

But just flew to the front side of the opposite side, the opposite side Quincy flew out a pipe, turned into a sharp edge, and instantly stabbed the meteor hammer.


Gegetsuburi was directly broken and turned into pieces.

Ōmaeda Marechiyo Slightly glimpse, the dull look at the hand restores the original Zanpakuto.

But only in an instant, a pipe turned into a long sword and stabbed Ōmaeda Marechiyo throat, who did not react at all.


A residual image was crossed, and the sharp edge was cut off directly, and a figure slowly emerged in the distance.

“Ōmaeda, you leave from here and go to the ordinary Quincy.”

Soi Fon’s voice sounded, but she was staring at the opposite side.


Ōmaeda Marechiyo shouted and turned to leave.

Seeing him leave, the Quincy in front of her suddenly found more than a dozen pipes, which became huge Gatling machine guns.


The huge Gatling gun was spinning, and the muzzle was aimed at the Ōmaeda Marechiyo who tried to leave.

But the first bullet has not yet been fired. Hey, the Gatling machine gun was directly split into two pieces, Soi Fon appeared not far away, and coldly said: “Your opponent is me.”

“Quick degree.”

The Quincy looked at Soi Fon and then said, “But your mode of action has been fully analyzed.”

Accompanied by his words, a dozen missiles suddenly shot behind him and shot at Soi Fon.

Soi Fon wants to avoid, but now the missile appears in the front and rear of her own, no matter which direction she heads, she will be hit.

It seems as if he have anticipated all my actions.

Boom, bang, bang.

All the missiles burst, but Soi Fon appeared on the opposite side of Quincy, and the body was littering with blue light.


Soi Fon’s degree, to explode the shock wave, just avoid it in an instant.

At this time, Soi Fon stood behind the Quincy, and Suzumebachi appeared in her right hand, stabbing Quincy back.

“What have you done?”

The pipe behind the Quincy turned into a sharp blade and shot at Soi Fon.

But Soi Fon appeared in the distance and said: “My Shikai Ability is a two-shot kill. As long as I stab the same part twice, the opposite side will die.”

The Quincy heard this and briefly turned his head and said, “I feel the breakdown of Reiatsu.”

“However, it is useless.”

The Quincy looks at Soi Fon and said softly: “I am a robot with the Quincy Ability, your Ability, no effect. And your speed, I have analized it. ”

This robot with Quincy Ability is BG9, the letter is k.


Soi Fon is a bit unexpected, but the next moment, the opposite side body emerges with endless blue light.


The next moment, BG9 appears in Soi Fon behind, and countless tubes are shot and become a blade. From all directions, Soi Fon is shrouded in it.

“You was caught by me.”

All the blades pierced the body of Soi Fon, but it didn’t take long for the blade to become a piece of clothing.

“I didn’t expect to use Utsusemi.”

Soi Fon appeared in the distance, shook her head, and finally clenched Zanpakuto and said, “Since my Suzumebachi is useless to you, then I can only use another trick.”

“Bankai, Jakuhō Raikōben.”

With the words of Soi Fon, her Zanpakuto turned into a huge missile, aimed at the opposite side.

“This is your Bankai? Since the star medallion is invalid, there is no need to take your Bankai. ”

The missile in front of BG9 at the end of the analysis of the changes in Reiatsu, but the next moment, the missile shot, shot at his location.

Need to escape.

BH9 felt a huge Reitsu gathered in the missile, and immediately turned and fled, his speed quickly, successfully escaped the missile.


The missile exploded, and a huge oval shock wave permeated the surroundings, and a huge pothole appeared in the entire white desert.

BG9 escaped the center of the explosion, but it was still affected by the explosion, and the body was damaged.

“It’s useless. I’ve analyzed the end of the missile. I can completely avoid it next time.”

BG9 said softly.

“Do you?”

A voice sounded behind BG9 ear, only Soi Fon appeared behind him, the body was covered with thunder, and there were six Magatama behind it.

Shunkō: Raijin Senkei.

In addition, there is a huge missile that is aimed at BG9 head.

Blast it!

The missile exploded directly, and BG9 could not react at all. He groaned, “You will die too.”

BG9 is shrouded directly in the center of the explosion, and Soi Fon is also in the center of the explosion.

However, as the shock wave and the fire spread, an electric light flashed and appeared in the distance.

Soi Fon’s degree of warfare, the shock wave generated by the explosion.

“Call, it’s really tiring, and solved one.”

Soi Fon looks at the broken BG9, rubbing the sweat on forehead.


“Growl, Haineko.”

With a sound, the Zanpakuto in the hands of Matsumoto Rangiku turned into dust, and she held the handle and waved it.

“Neko Rinbu.”

The dust turned into a tornado and instantly shrouded the Quincy in front of her, but when Haineko dissipated, the opposite side was only a part shattered, but the entity was not hurt.


Matsumoto Rangiku is horrified. I don’t know why he didn’t receive any damage. It’s dusty, but it’s very sharp.

The unscrupulous Quincy gently said: “It’s useless, my name is Cang Du, my Quincy Ability is iron. No one can damage me.”

In the future, he was frozen by Tōshirō Hitsugaya, and then he was taken out of trouble and did not suffer much damage.

When he returned to Wandenreich HQ, Haschwalth was going to execute him, and as a result he could not damage him, he could only kill him with the aid of Ability.

“It’s really amazing.”

Matsumoto Rangiku forehead was cold and sweaty, and at the next moment, Cang Du was in front of Matsumoto Rangiku, and the claws of his right hand came out and grabbed Matsumoto Rangiku.

Matsumoto Rangiku rushed to retreat, avoiding the claws, but the claws shot a giant claw formed by a huge Reishi, covering Matsumoto Rangiku.

“Shé Jìn Zhǎo.”

Cang Du said softly: “Cats can kill ordinary snakes, but in the face of pythons, they only have one dead end.”


The huge claws burst, and Cang wanted to leave, but a voice rang. “Are you leaving?”

Cang Du turned and looked at the sound, only to see not far away, a figure holding Matsumoto Rangiku, standing in the air.


Matsumoto Rangiku saw someone coming and her face was red.

Gin put Matsumoto Rangiku down and smiled and said: “He actually said that you are a cat, it is a fool, how can a cat have such a big chest.”

“Gin, what are you talking about?”

Matsumoto Rangiku has a red complexion and coldly snorted.

Ichimaru Gin smiled and said, “I am telling the truth.”

Cang Du picked up the eyes and said: “You two, flirting on the battlefield, isn’t it good?”

When Ichimaru Gin heard this, he turned his head slightly and looked at Cang Du. He smiled and said, “Yes, I almost forgot you.”

Cang Du looks as usual, coldly said: “Since you are a couple, I will kill you together.”

“Houses for couples We are not lovers.”

Matsumoto Rangiku said with a red face, but it was pulled by Ichimaru Gin and her lips are kissed.


Matsumoto Rangiku big eyes widened, she didn’t think Ichimaru Gin would do this.

“Then let you die together.”

Cang Du’s both hands waved, two huge claws formed, but just appeared, they have already collapsed.

On the chest of Cang Du, a knife blade runs through his heart, and with Heart as the center, it breaks down a little.


Cang Du was eroded and fell to the ground.

At this time, Ichimaru Gin released Matsumoto Rangiku and said: “The python is very powerful, but it can’t last too long for a poisonous cobra.”

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