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Through Garganta, Soi Fon and the others appear in the endless white desert, the dark night covers the sky, and the white moon shines in a bright moon.

“Here is Hueco Mundo.”

Soi Fon looks Around at this, this is her first time to set foot on Hueco Mundo, she didn’t expect it to be so desolate.

“Xia Yan’s location is in Las Noches, and that huge building should be Las Noches.”

Yoruichi looks at one direction, where the high dome is striking.

“A big palace, Xia Yan live there? It is really enviable.”

Abarai Renji stared at the dome in the distance with some surprise.

“Let’s go, let’s go to Las Noches and go to Xia Yan.”

Shiba Kaien walked forward, then everyone followed, and a group of people ran towards Las Noches.

This time they arrived at Hueco Mundo, which was closer to Las Noches than when Xia Yan arrived at Hueco Mundo. They ran wildly and it took just over an hour to get outside Las Noches.

“How do we get in?”

Kira Izuru stood not far away and asked curiously.

“Break the wall and go straight in.”

Soi Fon stepped forward and raised her right arm. The blue light was glittering in the arm and then punched out.


A huge explosion rang, and a huge pothole appeared in front of her, leading to the distance.

“This power.”

Kurosaki ichigo was shocked, she  could punched a wall seven or eight meters thick. Kurosaki ichigo could do it himself, but he needed to use Zanpakuto with Reiatsu Slash.

“Let’s go.”

Soi Fon walked in first, and everyone passed through the passage and entered a huge hall.

“Here is…”

Everyone looks at the huge Space and doesn’t know where it is.

“There are three doors there.”

Yadomaru Lisa said to the distant side.

“What can we do? Which one to go?”

Soi Fon turned her head and looked at everyone.

Yoruichi said: “Which road should be able to walk into the center of Las Noches, then we are divided into three ways.”

“So how do we divide?”

Kira Izuru asked curiously.

Soi Fon said directly: “I, Yoruichi, Shiba Kaien, three people walked three ways, I walked the first door, who followed me?”

Abarai Renji and Kuchiki Rukia stepped forward and said, “We are following you.”

“Okay, let’s go.”

Soi Fon slammed into the first door and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

“Kurosaki ichigo, you and Kira Izuru follow me to the second door.” Shiba Kaien said directly.


Kurosaki ichigo and Kira Izuru followed Shiba Kaien and entered the second door.

“Lisa, you, Inoue, follow me.” Yoruichi licked her own cat’s paw and ran towards the third door.

Yadomaru Lisa and Inoue Orihime followed and entered the channel.


Soi Fon, Abarai Renji and Kuchiki Rukia, The three men rushed into the first door and marched along the long passage.

“Rukia, you said, can we find Xia Yan first?”

Abarai Renji holding the Zanpakuto and asked as he advanced.

Rukia stared at the front and said, “I hope we can find him first.”

The three people have the best relationship with Xia Yan. They have been helping each other for a long time. If they meet Xia Yan, They hope that they can use this feeling to convince him to come back.

But just after the three people rushed out of the passage and entered a wide room, there a figure stood in front of them.

One is a middle-aged man wearing a bartender costume, and the other is a sexy black-skinned woman wearing black leather and boots. It is Kutsuzawa and Tristan.

“You are a subordinate of Xia Yan?”

Soi Fon looks at the two, squinting and asking.

“Yes, you are Soi Fon, is it?” Kutsuzawa looked at Soi Fon and was slightly covered.

“Do you know me?” Soi Fon asked curiously.

Kutsuzawa said: “Of course, Soi Fon is the favorite of master Xia Yan, we will not stop you, you can go directly.”

Kutsuzawa said, let out the position.

Soi Fon frowned, Abarai Renji said: “Soi Fon Captain, you go first, these two people gave us.”

“Well, you are careful.”

Soi Fon sighed, tiptoe, passing by Kutsuzawa and Tristan.

Then Kutsuzawa looks at Tristan and asks: “Who do you choose to be an opponent?”

Tristan shrugged and said: “It looks like this man is strong, I choose him to be an opponent.”

Kutsuzawa nodded and said, “Then I will deal with this little girl.”

Said, the two separated and stood in front of Abarai Renji and Rukia.

“Please wait.”

Abarai Renji suddenly interrupted their words, and the look at Tristan said: “I don’t want to damage women, so I won’t fight against you.”

In the original work, Abarai Renji and Tristan battled, he have been reluctant to shoot.

Tristan coldly snorted, “Damage me? Just rely on you, can you damage me?”

Abarai Renji shook his head and said, “No matter what you say, I won’t fight you.”

“So, even if you are killed by me, you will not gonna fight back?”

With her voice falling, Tristan stepped a little and appeared behind Abarai Renji, kicked out.


Abarai Renji turned back in front of one hand, Tristan’s feet were drawn on Abarai Renji’s arm, and the distant wall shattered, but Abarai Renji was not hurt.

“Sorry, you can’t hurt me.”

Abarai Renji said with a smile.

Tristan saw this scene, her face became thick, and she moved her feet and said: “It seems that you are strong.”

In the distance, Kuchiki Rukia went to the front of Kutsuzawa and slowly pulled out her Zanpakuto and asked, “So your opponent is me?”

Kutsuzawa nodded and said: “Yes, I will solve you soon. Of course, according to the orders of master Xia Yan, I will spare your life.”

With Kutsuzawa words finished, his right hand was lifted up, and the numbers with the pointers flew toward Rukia.

Rukia pulled out Zanpakuto and cut it forward. The bang exploded and the Kuchiki Rukia exploded a few steps.

Kuchiki Rukia clenched her Zanpakuto and looked very strong.


The second door, Shiba Kaien, took Kurosaki ichigo and Kira Izuru through the passage and rushed into the Great Hall, appearing in front of three figures.

“It’s you!”

Shiba Kaien looks at the top of the three figures, some surprised.

“Grimmjow, you deal with Kurosaki ichigo, Perez, you deal with Kira Izuru.”

Harribel said softly, then looked at Shiba Kaien and said, “As for him, hand it over to me.”


The third door, Yoruichi with Yadomaru Lisa and Inoue Orihime entered the Great Hall, appeared in front of three figures.

“Let’s just let it go, or I’m afraid of hurting you.”

A lazy voice, Ginjō both hands, appeared in front of the Yoruichi three people.

In addition, Ulquiorra and Tsukishima stand in the vicinity of Ginjō.

Yoruichi eyes picked up and asked, “Are you strong?”

Ginjō said with a smile: “For Xia Yan, we are not strong. But for the nine of you, the three of us are enough to solve you.”

Yadomaru Lisa coldly snorted, said: “Big words.”

Ginjō converges with a smile and says, “Do you think we are talking big? But you may not know that Xia Yan sent us here because of it, so that we can take you down without hurting you.”

Yoruichi heard Ginjō words and looked a little cautious. Xia Yan knew about the strength of the three of them, but still believed that they three could beat them without hurting them.

How strong are these three people?

At this time, Ginjō remembered what it was like to pull out a piece of clothing from behind and said: “Xia Yan asked me to bring this, saying that it is to avoid embarrassing things.”

Yoruichi got into the clothes, her body shape changed and she grew up. The clothes were naturally worn on the body and turned into a black tight clothes.

“It turned out to be a criminal war service clothes.”

Xia Yan actually prepared the most suitable clothing for her own battle, and then reminiscent of the words they just said, Yoruichi’s look became strong.

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