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“I hope this time can be successful.”

On the test bench, Xia Yan and Nelliel stood side by side, staring at hollow in virtual hole below.

He performed the Arrancar test on the hyena. The latter showed signs of visceral dissection, but at the same time, the Reiatsu would increase, and the enhanced Reiatsu and the core body could be sealed, it depends on the opposite side.

Xia Yan patiently waited, the mask on the dog’s face disappeared a little, disappeared to a quarter, leaving only a circle on forehead’s, the dog snorted, the body changed.

The body slowly stood upright, the white armor disappeared, leaving only a circle of mask on the forehead.


All the armor fell off and the boosted energy seal became Zanpakuto.

Appearing in front of Xia Yan is a young boy with a low profile, gloomy and cold, black chimney, with a long sword at his waist.


The teenager jumped up and came outside the virtual hole, kneeling on one knee. “See the Lord.”

He knows the strength of the boy in front of him, don’t say him, the woman standing next to him, is far from himself.

Living in Hueco Mundo, he had long known that the weak is food for the strong, so he chose to surrender.

Xia Yan said with a smile: “Get up.”

The teenager stood up and said nothing, Nelliel curiously asked, “What is your name?”

Many hollow consciousness was born before Arrancar, but it was driven by instinct. After Arrancar, it would produce reason and contain its own actions.

The boy said softly: “My name is Perez Leica”

“Then I will call you Perez later, come with me.”

Xia Yan took Perez and turned away from the virtual hole. He returned to his palace and reached for a mysterious pattern. He said, “Grimmjow, come to me.”

In a short while, Grimmjow appeared beside Xia Yan and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Xia Yan pointed to Perez, Said: “This Arrancar is handed over to you, to be your subordinate.”

Grimmjow looked at Perez and said arrogantly: “I am not willing to recruit anyone.”

“Perez, show your Strength.”

Xia Yan touch his head, and Perez disappeared instantly, appearing on the side of Grimmjow, and punched him.

“So fast.”

Grimmjow had some accidents, stepping back and avoiding it, and wanted to pull the sword, but Perez was again punching and kicking the hand that Grimmjow touched.

“God damn it!”

Grimmjow can only dodge and dodge, and Perez is not arrogant, the sword in his hand is like a whirlwind, and a sword is cut to Grimmjow.

Whenever Grimmjow is going to take the sword, it will be forced back by Perez.

On the scale, Perez is fast, but not comparable to Grimmjow.

It’s just that the response, and the timing is too critical, first use Zanpakuto, seal Grimmjow sword.

Grimmjow without a sword can only dodge constantly, and for a time two people can’t separate the exit.

“Brat, don’t be proud.”

Grimmjow coldly snorted, after Perez cut with sword, reached out and grabbed Perez’s long sword.


Grimmjow’s left hand was cut directly into a blood mark, but he pinched Perez’s sword, and then his right hand pulled out his sword and cut it back.


Perez’s body shape changed abruptly, his back was raised, his nose was prominent, and his hair appeared on his cheeks.

His sword disappeared, but the black gauntlet like appeared on the both hands, covering five fingers.


Perez decisively chose Resurrección, holding Grimmjow’s long sword in his left hand and waving his right hand.

Grimmjow subconscious retreat, but the black light filled, five sharp diamonds formed, as the fingers waved, shot toward Grimmjow, shrouded Grimmjow.

 Boom, bang, bang, bang, bang.

Grimmjow instantly took back the long knife, cut out five knives, cut five black knives in the black diamond, and all exploded. The explosion range was not large, but the energy was extremely hit.

After five explosions, Grimmjow’s hand holding the sword has shattered and the blood dripping.

The pain caused Grimmjow to stagnate for a moment, and at this moment, Perez appeared behind Grimmjow and grabbed with his fingers.


Just as Perez’s claws were about to touch Grimmjow vest, one hand held Perez’s face.


Perez’s body broke into the ground and a huge pothole appeared on the ground.

At this time, Grimmjow mask on the right cheek has become the mask on forehead, the blue is short and long, the body is covered by the white armor, and the two arms are extended by the arms.

Leopard king form.

“You are still weaker than me.”

Grimmjow coldly snorted, his right hand pierced Perez, who wanted to get up.


Grimmjow’s hand was blocked by Level 1 transparent barrier, and the voice of Xia Yan came, “Enough.”

Grimmjow took a look at Xia Yan, and the body slowly released the Resurrección and returned to the ordinary appearance.

Perez stood up from the hole, but there was no damage, and it seemed that his steel skin was not weak.

Of course, if you really want to fight, Perez can’t beat Grimmjow, the gap is obvious.

“Grimmjow, how is his Strength? Should it be better than your subordinates?”

Xia Yan looks at Grimmjow.

Grimmjow coldly snorted, said: “It’s a lot better than my subordinates who are not.”

Xia Yan said: “Cultivate him well and make him a useful force.”

Grimmjow nodded and said, “I will train him well.”

“Perez, you have to listen to Grimmjow order.”

Xia Yan looks at Perez, shouted.

Perez’s looks at Xia Yan, said: “Xia Yan, can’t I stay with you? to guard you?”

Perez revered Xia Yan. He remembered that he attacked him a month ago and was released by him, but more importantly is Xia Yan Strength.

He can see the gap between himself and Grimmjow, know what is missing, and see the hope of catching up.

But for Xia Yan, Perez can’t see the difference between the two, the formidable of opposite side, has already come out of his imagination.

Perez is looking forward to Expert, so he wants to stay with Xia Yan.

Xia Yan said with a smile: “I already have a guard. Although she often lazy, Strength is not bad.”


Responding to Xia Yan is Nelliel’s whirring, she has fallen asleep on the stone steps not far away.

“I will work hard.”

Perez nodded and his eyes were firm.

“Let’s go little devil.”

Grimmjow both hands in the pocket, with Perez left Xia Yan’s palace.

When they left, Nelliel suddenly opened her eyes and said, “Your experiment is successful, then Las Noches can be lively.”

“I don’t plan to make too many Arrancar, the low-level Arrancar has no effect.”

Xia Yan screamed, and Perez was a tool for Xia Yan’s test of Shinigami. His Strength itself can only be counted as a dividing line. After Resurrección, it is probably equivalent to the blurring Tristan and Kutsuzawa, which is Vice-Captain level peak, below Captain level.

After studying the perfect Hōgyoku, these people have the possibility of improving again, but even if they are promoted, they are only the lowest level Quincy in the millennium bloody battle.

After all, even Muguruma Kensei and Otoribashi Rojuro will be defeated by Wandenreich.

Therefore, the main combat power lies in the five people, Harribel, Nelliel, Ulquiorra, Ginjo and Tsukishima.

So if he can’t meet Menos Grande of Vasto Lorde class, Xia Yan will not conduct Arrancar transformation.

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