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“Hey, Lao Jiang, what’s the situation? You went abroad, you didn’t tell your wife, she called me directly!” At around 8 in the morning, Jiang Hai woke up from his sleep and had to admit that last night. Although he was quarreled, he felt good when he slept. After all, he and Qi Li’s things finally came to an end, but just opened the phone and found a bunch of missed calls. There are also from Fu Yuan, for Qi Li’s, Jiang Hai is not ready to call back, but Fu Yuan still has to call back, then turn on the phone and turn call back, but when the phone is connected, Fu Yuan on the other side begins to smash. When He heard it, Jiang Hai couldn’t help but sneak peek at it.

“Ah, I divorced her.” After hearing Fu Yuan, Jiang Hai said slowly.

“Divorce? Why? You haven’t just gotten married for less than a year? Is this left?” After listening to Jiang Hai’s words, Fu Yuan couldn’t help but sneak a bit, and then said something strange.

“Oh, our marriage at the beginning was actually a mistake.” Jiang Hai, on the phone, scratched his head, and said helplessly, then he simply said that he and Qi Li’s marriage had been mistake. In the words of the sea, the richness of the phone is far away. He feels very bloody now. This story, do you think it is an eight-point TV series?

But looking at Jiang Hai’s appearance, it seems that he is not lying, so he also has some speechless.

“This way, it’s gone when you leave. It’s always a good thing, and you can’t always do it. Yes, are you reliable? I have a fifteen-day holiday in New Year, you Don’t yell at me, I really want to play local tyrants.” Hesitated for a moment, Fu Yuan said a word, but then he shifted the topic, watching Jiang Hai every day in his circle of friends, he is impossible to say no envy, but the depths of the heart are even more happy for this loss of friends.

But the feeling is on the one hand, it does not mean that he will not come over to play local tyrants.

“No problem, I am all right. Anyway, when I am in the New Year, I will have nothing to do when I go back. If you want to come, come on. By the way, ask them if they come or not. The ticket is self-care, and the rest is for me.” Now Jiang Hai for the wealth is thick, naturally speaking directly.

In fact, for Jiang Hai, even if there is no money for the ticket, he understands that if they do not let their friends make some money, they will say that they will not be willing to come, so the thousands of tickets will let them go out.

“Well, then I can apply for a visa, then go to book a ticket, see which day is cheap, set a day…” Listening to Jiang Hai’s words, Fu Yuan said with a smile, then After the two said a few more words, Jiang Hai and Fu Yuan hang up the phone.

After the phone hangs up, Jiang Hai took a breath, but the corner of his mouth was cracked. This kind of life is not bad.

“Mood is good, go exercise!” Looking at the two dogs that circled there, Jiang Hai walked over and grabbed the meat on the heads of the two big dogs, said with a smile, and then changed into sports wear, just went downstairs.

According to the flat land next to the villa, Jiang Hai ran to the seaside. After a while, he had already seen the existence of the pier in the distance. However, at this time, there were no people on the pier, but there were some flaws.

When Jiang Hai looked at it, he discovered that it was Edward, and there was Philemon. They were pushing out a speedboat from the dock. After seeing Jiang Hai in the distance, the two could not help but stop. In the same place, still waving at Jiang Hai.

“Hey, boss, you have been very hardworking recently, still running.” Looking at Jiang Hai ran over, Edward said with a smile.

“This is not an activity. What are you doing? Going out to sea?” Jiang Hai also smiled when he heard Edward’s words, then looked at the two people in front of him curiously and asked them.

“Well, I want to go out to sea. Today’s weather is good. I have to check the biological situation in the sea. There are still a large number of people.” When he heard Jiang Hai’s words, Edward also nodded and looked at him said with approval.

“Oh? Then wait for me, I will go too!” The speedboat that Jiang Hai bought, can sit eight people at the same time, is one of the biggest speedboat, plus one, no problem at all, and most The main thing is that since I have been here, Jiang Hai really did not take the speedboat to go to the sea. When he heard Jiang Hai’s words, Edward also laughed.

“This is no problem, but don’t worry, we need to try water in the vicinity, some net pockets, look at the underwater conditions around here and prepare for the event, we have to wait until the afternoon to go out to sea, after lunch. You can come over again.” Hearing Jiang Hai’s words, Edward chuckled and said that the boss would go out to sea, and he would naturally not refuse.

“Well, then I ran back first.” Hearing that he had to go in the afternoon, Jiang Hai was relieved. After talking to Edward, he turned and ran to another road. On the road, he did not know, feeling speeds up my own speed.

Speaking of it, Jiang Hai said that he already had a small sea area. To be exact, it was his private fishing ground. But he bought this manor for almost two months, but he never come to sea. It is impossible to say that there is no regret.

But today, when it comes to going out to sea, Jiang Hai said that it is impossible not to be excited.

Even his pace was much lighter than before. When he was not long, he came to the second stop on his running route, the horse shed and the cowshed, it was all normal, at the horse shed Jiang Hai fed his big horse, although Jiang Hai has not yet named the horse, nor bought a matching saddle, let alone riding, although the horse is too heavy, it can not run fast, but the trot and the step are still No problem, but Jiang Hai has not been riding, mainly because of the problem of the saddle.

Because this horse is much bigger than the average horse, all saddles need to be specially made.

Even if I went to the town, I couldn’t buy a ready-made one, but fortunately Robbins said that he would make a saddle. When he was not too busy recently, he could do it again, so Jiang Hai has never been riding a horse, but His relationship with the horse is obviously good.

The horse was locked in the horse shed. With the feeding of Jiang Hai every day, the horse’s head and body are gradually improving.

Not only is the brain like Xiao Huang and Xiao Bai, it is getting smarter, even muscles and bones, the longer the better.

According to Jiang Hai’s estimation, if the horse is going to ride later, it is estimated to be much faster than the average Sharma.

Of course, this is just the idea of ​​Jiang Hai. No one knows exactly how.

“You, eat more, I will ride you in the prestige.” He put a clear grass that wiped his blood and placed it in the manger. Jiang Hai looked at the big horse in front of him and said quietly. And this big horse also screamed and ate.

The blood of Jiang Hai has great appeal to biology, and it is no exception to horse nature.

Now Jiang Hai can produce eight scales every day, two of which are kept, and the remaining six are turned into two drops of blood to nourish the pasture. The effect is still quite good at present, it is already winter. In the spring of next year, it is estimated that his pasture will become extremely vibrant. Just as Jiang Hai is full of hope for his future, suddenly he heard a scream of cattle in front of the cowshed. There were still some people who screamed and really shocked Jiang Hai.

“What is the situation?” Upon hearing these shouts, Jiang Hai immediately threw the remaining pasture into the manger, and then ran quickly, so that the horse shed and the cowshed would be together, turning a corner, Jiang Hai has already come to the front of the cowshed.

At this point, he saw that outside the cowshed, several people were following a big cow. Jiang Hai remembered this cow. It was a cow that he auctioned back. The cow’s head was not small, but later because The cowshed was too stinky, and Jiang Hai did not see it again, but there was still some impression on it. At this time, five or six men in blue uniforms were holding the rope and pulling the cow hard. As for Robbins and others, they just stood by, but there was a hint of anxiety in their eyes.

“Stop, what is this?” Seeing the chaos in front of him, Jiang Hai also had some urgency, the first time shouted.

“Booming and banging!” Hearing the sound of Jiang Hai, there was no action by others. The two dogs at his feet ran and yelled, saying that the dog who bites is not called, but for Jiang Hai this is not true.

The two dogs that Jiang Hai now raises are called because Jiang Hai told them that they can’t bite people casually. If the opposite person really threatens Jiang Hai, it is estimated that these two dogs bite the most dead.

“Ah…” Seeing Jiang Hai and the two dogs appearing, the staff here were all shocked. Jiang Hai was fine, but the two dogs were indeed a bit too stunned. The handle stopped, but I didn’t dare to let it go, but looked at the distance with helplessness. There were three people there. The one headed by was a white man who looked like a 30-year-old, behind him. There is also a man and a woman who look very young. At that time, the man is holding a laptop to record something. As for the woman, he is holding a camera to shoot.

“What are you doing? Release.” Seeing that these people did not release their words, Jiang Hai could not help but walk over, and he would open the people in front of him, but Robbins here first stepped in and stopped Jiang Hai.

“Boss, these people are Carlett.” Looking at Jiang Hai’s appearance, Robbins said quickly in Jiang Hai’s ear.

“Carlett? What should I play? No matter what company he is, do you see them rob our cows?” Hearing Robbins, Jiang Hai waved his hand and said with a look of disappointment.

“Carlett, the largest animal husbandry company in the vicinity, can say whether our cattle can be sold or not related to them.”

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