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“Alright, please come this way for the form. I’m also going to need your IDs.” The young man brought Jiang Hai to the counter and pulled out some paperwork for him to fill as well as asking for IDs.

Normally, the most commonly used type of ID in America is the driver’s license. However, since Jiang Hai doesn’t have an American licence right now, he can only present the the green card as his ID. Having examined Jiang Hai’s green card, he picked up the phone for confirmation, received $500 for the license and registration fees and the completed form. Jiang Hai was surprised that this was all he had to do.

Getting a gun license in America is actually pretty easy. All you need is a confirmation from the FBI saying that you are an American citizen, a permanent resident, or a green card holder, a clear history and without any mental disorder. For the rich like Jiang Hai, who is a holder of the black centurion, they have special services for stuff like these and everything would be sorted out for them. However Jiang Hai hasn’t touched these stuff yet and Robins and the others don’t understand so it came down to the basic applications. However the application process went without a hitch, he completed the form, registered in the computer database and everything is done.

Lastly comes the buying part of the process. Of course there are also restrictions here as well. For one, Jiang Hai can’t buy automatics. Although ordinary citizens have the right to bear arms, but they are all semiautomatics. By law, anybody over the age of 18 can own rifles, but you need to be at least 21 before you can own handguns. Other restrictions also apply.

Jiang Hai only bought the basic gun license. This license allows you to own guns, but normally you must store them unloaded at home. You can also store it in the trunk of the car, but then the gun must be cased and in a hard to reach place. The gun must also be empty and bullets stored separately. If you want to carry then you must apply for the license to carry, but this requires you receive special police training first. This is very troublesome to get, and Jiang Hai doesn’t have the need to carry his guns everywhere.

Originally apart from the license to carry there is also a license to carry hidden weapons. However, due to an increase in shootings in recent years, most state government have stopped issuing these licenses.

It was a good thing that Jiang Hai had settled in Boston, if he chose to settle in the neighboring New York, where gun control is almost on par with California, then he can have fun waiting for his applications to come through. However in Boston, everything is pretty much done after filling out the state forms, so as soon as the young man finished processing the forms he began to introduce all kinds of guns to Jiang Hai.

In America buying guns is very easy. Not only can you buy them online, there are also specialized stores that sell them. Like the store they are in right now. They have almost every type of gun, such as the hunting rifles, assault rifle, pistol and so on. Nearly everything that has hit the market is here. Of course stuff like sniper rifles and machine guns is also available, but Jiang Hai has no need for them. As a side note, the prices for these guns is completely different from what Jiang Hai originally thought. It’s not that it’s too expensive, rather it’s way too cheap.

In all specialized gun stores, all guns are separately priced from a couple hundred to a few thousand. For example the 9mm competition guns from SIG Sauer cost $929, the .45 M1911 cost $1015 and the P238 for $689. The famously well known Glock cost almost nothing. The Glock 19, 22 and 27 model only cost $429, Glock .45 models cost $499, and the luger 380 only cost $349.

Of course you can’t just buy the gun and bullets since you’ll be hunted down by the police, so you also need to other stuff as well. Such as gun cases, gun covers, additional magazines, care kits and so on. However the whole set is actually pretty cheap. A Smith & Wesson M&P cost $549, but the whole set, which includes a gun case, a gun sleeve, 2 magazines and a cleaning kit, costs $649, only $100 more.

Of course, apart from these, there are also lots of personalization options available. Such as different types of grips; just think about it, now any girl can change the gun’s grip to match her bag, heels and so on. Silencers are also up for sale, but the cost is kind of expensive now, ranging from $700 to more than $6000. The ones for pistols are pretty cheap in comparison to the ones for rifles. However silencers for hunting rifles are just too much.

“If you have any interest in any of these, we have a small shooting range in the back where you can try it out. Of course the price of the bullets are not included, but it’s pretty cheap.” Seeing the dazzled look Jiang Hai is having, this attendant stated.

“Yo Robins, any suggestions?” After some hesitation, Jiang Hai turned to Robins for his advice.

“To be honest it isn’t that hard to pick, the main thing is the caliber of the guns. All you need to do is pick a caliber and choose guns from there. Performance and such are all pretty much the same. I suggest you to get two guns. A pistol for personal defence and a hunting rifle, well a semiautomatic assault rifle also works.” Robins replied.

Hearing Robins suggestion, Jiang Hai thought for a bit before tell the attendant: “Show me the most powerful guns. I’m preparing to buy a pistol, a hunting rifle and an assault rifle.”

“The most powerful?” Seeing Jiang Hai’s weak ass frame, the attendant is clearly stunned and in doubt. The more powerful the gun, the bigger the recoil. Can Jiang Hai, with that weak ass looking build, really hold up?

“Just bring them out.” Seeing the doubting looks the attendant is having, Jiang Hai said affirmatively.

Hearing what Jiang Hai said and the old saying, the customer is always right, the attendant went to retrieve some guns. The first batch he brought back were mainly revolvers. Yes, compared to ordinary guns, revolvers are more powerful, but Jiang Hai has no interest in them.

“Put away the revolvers and tell me about the rest.” Jiang Hai said.

“Oh sure. This is a Beretta 92F, currently United States Army’s service pistol. Low rate of misfire, somewhat powerful with 9mm bullets.” The attendant introduced in gun in Jiang Hai’s hands. In Jiang Hai’s opinion, this gun is pretty good, fully silver, and a service pistol for the United States Army.

“These are the Colt 2000 and M1911. I’m not going into details with the M1911 as it is one of the best pistols during WWII. The 2000 is an upgrade of the 1911 but also uses 9mm bullets but is a bit more ugly.” The Colt 2000 is definitely a bit ugly and somewhat out of date. However this isn’t the reason why it lost to Beretta, it’s pretty much the same with the 1911.

“This is Germany’s .45 caliber P229. It’s power is not a problem. Within 30 meters and killing a wild hog is not a problem. Cheap, but ugly.”

“This is China’s QSZ, good looks, powerful, but the bullets are kind of expensive. Due to different bullet models, thus the import fee for these bullets are relatively expensive.”

Jiang Hai can’t believe this store even has Chinese guns. Originally he was set on buying this, but upon hearing the bullets need to be imported, that idea was discarded. After the attendant also introduced America’s luger, Germany’s HK and Czech’s CZ. To be honest, Jiang Hai is somewhat unpleased. From the beginning, he wasn’t prepared to buy these.

Seeing the attendant having finished with his introductions, Jiang Hai straight asked: “Deagle? Got any?”

“Um, yes. ……” The attendant is clearly stunned and looked towards Robins for help.

“Desert eagles are famous but it’s recoil is just too big, ok to use for hunting, but not so good for protection purposes.” Robins explained.

In fact, desert eagles. in most gun enthusiasts’ eyes. Is not a good gun at all. This gun is well known mainly due to movies and games. However real gun enthusiasts all know that this gun is the same as the Smith and Wesson M500. All show guns. Powerful but it’s recoil is just too big. How do you use them under these conditions? Point at the feet and hope to shoot someone’s head? That’s just hoping for too much.

“No problem, I just want to try it out. Give me the more powerful here for a test.” Jiang Hai said as he shook his head. All he wants to do is try it out. Coming to a gun shop for a first time and not even touch the famous deagle is out of the question.

“Um, alright…. This counter here contains only desert eagles. The normal ones use .357, a more powerful version uses .44 and the most powerful uses .50. However this gun’s recoil is beyond imagination. Which one you want?” Seeing Jiang Hai’s perseverance, the attendant can only satisfy his wishes. He already said what needs to be said, everything else rests with Jiang Hai.

“How about that one?” Seeing the guns displayed in the counter, Jiang Hai’s eyes suddenly lit up as he pointed to the biggest gun in the case.

“Um, this……” Noticing which gun was being pointed at, the attendant is clearly dumbstruck and sacred.

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