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“Alright, let’s go. Old man Tony’s a good guy, so he will definitely like you, boss.” Robins told Jiang Hai as he patted his arm with a smile.

“Let’s hope so.” Jiang Hai answered with zero confidence but without any worries.

After all he isn’t the old him. On land, his body’s at human limits. This means a group of 10 or so normal people has no chance against him. He can also breathe under water, so as long as he hasn’t been poisoned then as long as he wants to leave, no one can catch him.

This is also why he trust Robins so much after signing the contract. Mainly because he’s got the skills to back himself. But luckily Robins never gave him an excuse for him to show off his amazing skills. Following Robins, the two of them walked into Cowboy’s Song.

As soon as they enter, Jiang Hai is bombarded with the smell of alcohol and cigarettes. Making Jiang Hai very uncomfortable. Especially when Jiang Hai doesn’t smoke, since he lives in Harbin. The winter there is just too damn cold. To make matters worse, the heating system in his house sucks so during university he had smoked for a couple of years. But it’s just too painful to smoke during winter so he used a year and quit. Thus, except for his close buddies, no one knows he used to smoke.

The thing with cigarettes is that if you’ve never smoked and you smell it out of nowhere then it is just uncomfortable. However, if you’ve smoked then quit, but smell it again, you will have a massive urge to smoke again. Fortunately, his extremely overpowered body quickly adapted to the smell, making it somewhat bearable.

“Yo. Robins, you haven’t been here in awhile. I heard the Green Forest was sold, are you here looking for a job?” Seeing Robins and Jiang Hai enter, a man wearing an apron walked over. This man looks around 50 to 60 years old. A head full of white hairs, an apron full of oil stains, and wearing a bunch of outdated clothes. With a height of around 6″, which is slightly shorter than Jiang Hai, but he has a belly that is big enough to fit him in whole.

“Hi old man Tony. I’m not here looking for jobs, but rather giving them away. This here is my current boss, the wealthy one who bought Green Forest.” Robins replied back.

“Oh? This is the one who bought Green Forest? Very interesting. A young one, I thought the one who bought Green Forest is some 60 or 70 year old geezer. Haha, nice to meet you.” Hearing Robins introductions, Old man Tony broke the ice and shook hands with Jiang Hai.

“Hi, Jiang Hai here. You can call me Jiang.”

“Boss take a seat first, I’ll go take a look and see if any of the veterans are here.” Seeing Jiang Hai and Old man Tony have met, Robins excused himself and went looking for more employees. As for Jiang Hai, he was offered a seat by Old man Tony. He ordered a long island iced tea and began to size up the bar.

This bar isn’t big but also isn’t small, around 1000 square meters, separated into 4 sections. In the left corner are 3 pool tables with many men and women creating a lively atmosphere around them. Next to these pool tables are a few dart boards with some people playing.

Apart from the entertainment section, is the main service area. Roughly 600 square meters in size. Arranged in rows of lots of small tables. Right now, there are a bunch of people fooling around. On one of the tables are pair of men arm wrestling. There is also a pile of dollar bills beside them. From the looks of things, they’re gambling for fun.

There is also a counter with some bar stools. Currently they are all pretty much taken. Behind the counter is a huge liquor cabinet and a bartender showing off his skills. Beside him is a large screen T.V. broadcasting a game of football with a group of cowboys watching it.

In America, there are 4 national sports. They are baseball, hockey, football and basketball. Although soccer is being broadcasted, but it still has a long way to go before it can be considered a national sport in America. Boston, being a sports powerhouse, is home to 5 different teams. The team people ought to be most familiar with is the Boston Celtics. 17 times NBA champion, 21 times Eastern Division champion , 20 times Atlantic Division title, they fully deserve the title of strongest team in NBA. However in America, not a lot of people follow basketball. The amount of followers is slightly more than soccer, pretty much on par with hockey, but football and baseball is where all the viewers are at. Furthermore, Boston is also home to football and baseball leviathans. Baseball’s Boston Red Sox; twelve American League champion, seven World Series crowns, and foot ball’s New England Patriots. Winner of 3 super bowls and 6 division titles. Even their hockey team, the Boston Bruins, is the winner of 6 Stanley cups and 16 division titles. As a result, Boston is fully deserving of being a sports city.

Currently being broadcasted is the weekly football match between New England Patriots and Buffalo Bills. Although Jiang Hai doesn’t know much about football legends and stars and doesn’t watch matches, but he has seen football before in anime. This anime is the legen – wait for it – dary Eyeshield 21, hence his basic knowledge of football. As for attacking, defending, touchdown, kicks and the such, he understands some of its basics resulting in him watching with great interest. To be honest, football is like fighting. Those tackles can seriously make people’s blood boil.

“So Jiang, you’re interested in football?” Old man Tony came by with his drink right at this point in time.

“Only in the clashes, I can’t even tell who’s who. NBA is a lot more popular in China.” Jiang Hai received his drink and answered. Hearing this, Old man Tony let out a sigh.

“Originally I’m also a Celtics fan, but they let people down too much right? I can understand trading away Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen, but now Paul Pierce as well? My heart broke at that moment. He is the emblem of the team, how can I watch as he leads another team to beat us? I really don’t understand what Ainge is thinking.” Upon hearing basketball, Old man Tony can’t help but rant out his anger.

Hearing the rant, Jiang Hai can only smile and say nothing. The whole world knows which team most of China supports. That has always been the Houston Rockets. Although Jiang Hai has a different favorite team, but it is still in the west. This team is the San Antonio Spurs. To the current roster, it is more about playing with the people than winning the games. You can try to beat them, but that is about all you’re going to get out of the games.

“Hey, seems like you guys had a good discussion.” At this moment Robins came back with a few people.

These people are all males. A 40ish year old with a not too long beard. Looks pretty cool, almost like those cowboys in hollywood. Another man who appears to be 40ish? But this one’s black. To be honest Jiang Hai has a hard time guessing this guy’s age because they mostly look the same from late teens to late fifties, especially when they shave their head.

Apart from these two, there is still four others in or approaching their 30s. One of them is full of self-confidence and wearing a full cowboy set, the two are very well paired together. Seeing this Jiang Hai can’t help but feel too much of an exaggeration. At his side is someone with the same appearance but much more restrained. Behind these two clowns are two others. One of them seems to have some kind of mental disorder, while the last one just followed behind them all.

“Looks like you found a couple of them. Alright, time for me to get back to work. Hopefully you find those who you’re looking for.” Seeing these people, Old man Tony excused himself. Robins around here is pretty well known, so the people he suggested all have the abilities. But as for who gets hired, that requires Jiang Hai’s approval.

“Yo bro, heard you were hiring?” Seeing Old man Tony leave and just before Robins started to introduce these people, the one that is full of himself cut in and asked.

“Shut it.” Hearing this, Jiang Hai can’t help but despise him even more. Especially when he appears to be too familiar with Jiang Hai and he takes him too lightly. Maybe it’s because of seeing Jiang Hai’s frown, the man next to him coldly yelled stopping this person from embarrassing them even further. But the looks on this one’s face is one of complacency, as if Jiang Hai must hire him or something.

“Let me introduce them, This is Burke Dale, one of the best cowboys here. Been ranching for more than 20 years and has won 3 lamb lassoing competitions in Texas. To be honest, if we’re talking about pure riding skills than I’m not his match.” Seeing Jiang Hai moving his gaze back to him, Robins started to officially introduce these people who he brought with him. The first to be introduced in the 40ish year old caucasian beside him.

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