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Phwap! Phwap! Phwap!

Xia Yan’s fist and Kuna Mashiro fist collide together, making a loud muffled sound, the fist wind burst, and the fist shadow is interwoven into a large net.


The two men again punched, Xia Yan stepped back a few steps, but still stood firm, and at the same time, the Hollow mask also Shattered.

“This is half an hour, and the high-intensity combat state can last for half an hour. It is already good.”

Yadomaru Lisa stood on the side and said that she has now become the guardian of Xia Yan, and she is solely responsible for Xia Yan’s daily training schedule.

Kuna Mashiro wrinkled her nose and said: “Xia Yan is not my opponent, it is far away.”

Xia Yan said helplessly: “By relying on Hakuda, not many people can defeat Kuna Mashiro predecessors.”

All the strengths of Kuna Mashiro are concentrated on Hakuda, reaching the level of the peak of Vice-Captain.

Xia Yan hides a lot of Strength, such as Kido, such as Shikai, Shunko, and martial arts.

With the addition of Hollow mask, you can maintain a long time.

If it is Shunko and Kido, any one can beat her.

If it is Shikai, you can even drop her in seconds.

In particular, these Ability can be superimposed to increase the combat power, so Xia Yan actual combat power is far more than Kuna Mashiro.

Yadomaru Lisa said: “Well, this morning’s training is over, take a break.”

“In the afternoon, Xia Yan-kun followed me to practice Kido.” There is Ushoda Hachigen standing aside, the tall body obscures the vision of Xia Yan, and his face looks forward to look.

There is a tall and big Ushoda Hachigen, close to two meters six, weighing 377 kilograms, can be regarded as a giant.

But he is gentle and likes cats, very good contact.

He is the Grand Kidō Vice-Chief of Kido Corps, who can use Forbidden Bakudō #99  and has researched many Kido alone.

Xia Yan said with a smile: “I am looking forward to seeing that, the predecessors can teach me Kido, can I be at two o’clock in the afternoon?”


There is a happy smile from Ushoda Hachigen.

“Go, go back to dinner.”

Yadomaru Lisa walked up the stone ladder, and Xia Yan followed behind her, bowed his head and did not dare to look up.

The reason is very simple. Yadomaru Lisa skirt is too short. Her clothes are only one kind, the sailor suit, the gray sailor suit with the pink scarf, the skirt of the lower body is very short, probably in the position of the thigh. .

Usually she has a violent movement, he can already see the scenery at the bottom of the skirt. Now she goes up the stairs, Xia Yan does not dare to look up.

After Yadomaru Lisa left, Xia Yan was relieved and returned to the top.

“How is the training today? Little devil?”

One arm caught Xia Yan’s shoulder, and then the iconic pentagram appeared in front of Xia Yan.

Aikawa Love.

Xia Yan said quickly: “Predecessors, I can now last for half an hour in combat, and the non-combat state is about ten hours.”

Aikawa Love said with a smile: “Yes, almost enough in battle, but it does not matter.”

“Not important?”

Xia Yan looks at Aikawa Love.

“Of course it doesn’t matter.” Aikawa Love said with a smile: “Because today is the day of the sale of the jump, I have bought it and bought two.”

Xia Yan eyes lit up and said: “Really? I want to see.”

Xia Yan is very much looking forward to the comics serialized by Jump Magazine. After all, Bleach, which he has seen, is serialized on this.

“Of course, I can’t miss you.” Aikawa Love took out a handbag from his arms and handed one of them to Xia Yan.

“Thank you, Love predecessors.”

After Xia Yan took over, Aikawa Love said: “Yes, this Friday night, don’t forget to come to me. Let’s open a jump magazine seminar. ”

Xia Yan clenched the fist and said: “I will definitely go.”


Aikawa Love proudly left with a bag and looked very happy.

At this time, Otoribashi Rojuro appeared next to Xia Yan and asked: “Why is he so happy?”

Xia Yan has not answered yet. Otoribashi Rojuro saw the magazine in his hand and said: “It turned out that he found a person who also likes comics. Poor, I only like music alone.”

Xia Yan raised the head and asked: “Hirako Shinji Captain doesn’t like music too?”

“He likes jazz. Only classical music and opera are music.”

Otoribashi Rojuro shouted angrily. Xia Yan rarely saw him so angry, but after a fire, he immediately went to the side.

Xia Yan scratched his head. At this time, Yadomaru Lisa came over and said, “Don’t care about him. When it comes to music, he will be very excited.”

Xia Yan said with a smile: “I don’t mind.”

Xia Yan looked around for a week and curiously asked: “Where did Hirako Shinji seniors go?”

Yadomaru Lisa said: “Hirako Shinji is going to do hair care.”

Xia Yan remembers that Hirako Shinji has two hobbies, jazz and hair care, but he is a Spiritual Body. How do you do hair care?

Xia Yan asked this question, Yadomaru Lisa said: “Because Human World has a shop dedicated to the soul.”

Xia Yan stared big eyes, asked: “Is there?”

Yadomaru Lisa nodded and said: “Of course, barbershops, restaurants, clothing stores, hotels, bookstores, and so on. After all, it is not only Shinigami that has formidable Reiatsu, but Quincy and Hollow, and humanity. These humans have a formidable Reiatsu during their lifetime, and when they die, they become the soul with formidable Reiatsu.”

Xia Yan suddenly remembered that there are people with formidable Reiatsu in the original work, such as Don Kanonji. In the face of Aizen, there is still no fear of his Reiatsu, and even launched a huge explosion that hangs over Aizen’s upper body.

Such an Ability is comparable to the Shinigami students at the Spiritual Arts Academy.

It is even possible that he is a hidden formidable character, just like Ōmaeda.

Xia Yan had some accidents and asked: “Do they become wandering souls and will not go to the Soul Society?”

Yadomaru Lisa pushed the glasses and said: “No, most of the souls are purified, in order to reincarnate to the Soul Society, after the reincarnation, and then back to Human World. But for Formidable’s Spiritual Body, they don’t want to leave this World, and Shinigami naturally doesn’t force purification. The life of the soul is very long, and it forms a concentrated area of ​​the soul, but it is located in a relatively remote place, avoiding Shinigami and human settlements as much as possible.”

Xia Yan nodded and said: “It turns out.”

There are soul-stricken areas, selling items used by the Spiritual Body, no wonder Aikawa Love can buy jump, Yadomaru Lisa can buy yellow books, and their favorite food.

A few that are not available, such as furniture and fitness equipment, can also be converted by the Reishi converter.

Yadomaru Lisa said: “After some time, if there is time, I can take you to see. But wait until you master the Reiatsu hiding skills. ”

Xia Yan heard this, and he had some expectations.

And it seems that Human World is not simple, the hidden part of Quincy, the sneaky Shinigami, the perfect operator, the Spirit Utility User, plus the Visored Legion.

The life in Human World is not destined to be too boring.

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