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Kuna Mashiro Strength is very strong. 71 years ago is Vice-Captain above Tōsen Kaname. Of course, Tōsen Kaname hides his own Strength, but Kuna Mashiro is not weak. After wearing mask, the combat power doubles.

She can instant kill Menos Grande, and can also kick to dead Hooleer, the huge one-eyed hollow that helps Aizen escape from Soul Society, the nails of the toes of the limbs, the mask of Menos Grande.

Hooleer can blow out Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto’s Jokaku Enjo in one breath, and can spit out a large number of Menos Grande, which is the first in the void.

But it was kicked to death by Kuna Mashiro, which is enough to prove her Strength.

Kuna Mashiro does not use Zanpakuto, Xia Yan will not use it, and will not use Shunko and Kido.

After he got up, his foot flashed and his body crossed the Space of two people. He instantly came to behind Kuna Mashiro, punching out.

Kuna Mashiro immediately slid forward and avoided the attack. At the same time, his right foot lifted up and pulled out a foot.

“So fast.”


Xia Yan only had time to get his arms in front of him, and he was kicked by Kuna Mashiro. A huge force came, and Xia Yan flew out.

“Strength is too big.”

Xia Yan got up from the ground and feel some sore arms, but she did not stand still. A figure crashed into the sky and a long leg fell like a battle axe.

Xia Yan knows that this trick is to kill Hooleer, called super kicking skills, power formidable.

Xia Yan quickly ducked and leaped to the side.

But the body is still in the air, a huge shock wave came, and Xia Yan flew out.

After Xia Yan landed, she turned her body and looked back. She saw a deep gully on the ground and split open on both sides, with a depth of more than one meter.

“This power.”

Xia Yan feels a little scary, Kuna Mashiro Hakuda is very strong, she does not need Zanpakuto, only use Shunpo and Hakuda, it is better than Sarugaki Hiyori using mask after the combat power of the powerful, and and it is weaker Sarugaki Hiyori Shikai.

I only use mask, I can’t beat her, and I’m going to use it.

No, if your own Vizard does not reach this level, then the combat power cannot be improved.

Xia Yan just thought about the way, Kuna Mashiro had a little foot on the ground, and the whole person rushed toward Xia Yan and punched it out.

Xia Yan also punched out, bang, and the two fists collided. The huge force made Xia Yan body retreat, but he was not hurt.

Xia Yan’s skin muscles are transformed by magnetic fields and become more and more tough.

But the next moment, after Kuna Mashiro landed, a flying kick came straight.

Can’t stop it.

The strength of the leg is big, and long-term Vizard has greatly increased speed and strength, which is difficult to block.

Therefore, Xia Yan suddenly fell into the body, let Kuna Mashiro fly over from the body. At the moment of flying, Xia Yan explored and grabbed Kuna Mashiro leg, and then the body rolled in the air, with the help of rolling Force Road, will slamming her to the ground.


Kuna Mashiro was heavily squatting on the ground, and a large pit appeared immediately on the ground, and was filled with smoke.

However, Xia Yan flew out and directly hit the enchantment, and the chest was extremely painful.

It turned out that Xia Yan was holding Kuna Mashiro leg and slamming her to the ground. Her both hands stood on the ground and slammed the other side of the chest with the other leg make him fly out.

This kind of reaction, let Xia Yan think of Hollow self, relying on instinct to fight.

The speed of Xia Yan Hollow, combined with his own Shunpo, speed is faster than Kuna Mashiro, but her reaction is too amazing, and can respond in time.

Xia Yan slowly fell, but fell to the ground, the pain of the chest told him that the sternum had broken.

“Hachi, treatment.”

Yadomaru Lisa shouted immediately. Jumped off the high ground next to it, there is Ushoda Hachigen behind, came to Xia Yan and treated him.

“Is this not going to work?”

Kuna Mashiro came to Xia Yan and said that with disgusted tone.

Xia Yan was almost mad at her. How big is your strength? I don’t know? Ordinary kicking instant kill Menos Grande.

I am hard to beat you, but the bones are broken.

The Kaidō of Ushoda Hachigen is very formidable, and it is biased towards the Space regression class. It is only a dozen seconds, and Xia Yan has already been healed.

Of course, there is limited scope for Ushoda Hachigen Kaidō treatment, such as Sarugaki Hiyori split body, and he can only maintain, can not be cured, and needs the help of Unohana Retsu and Inoue Orihime.

Xia Yan slowly straightened up and said, “Come again.”

Knowing the combat style of the opposite side, you will be more careful.

Kuna Mashiro said with a smile: “Why don’t you use the kind of trick that glitters Blu-ray? Otherwise you can’t win me. ”

Kuna Mashiro said that is Shunko. Now his speed is not slower than the opposite side, and the combat resistance is slightly stronger, but the strength and instinct and Hakuda technique are slightly weaker than the opposite side.

But if you use Shunko, Strength and speed is raised again, and with the improvement of Vizard, you can beat her by the advantage of Attribute.

Xia Yan shook his head and said, “That’s not necessarily.”

My goal is to improve myself, rather than relying on the attribute strength but to suppress yourself, you must reach the level of Kuna Mashiro in Vizard state, and you can get stronger.

Kuna Mashiro turned over and jumped back to the venue center and said, “Come on.”

Xia Yan stepped a little, and the body disappeared, and instantly came to Kuna Mashiro side, punching out.

However, Kuna Mashiro reacted very quickly, but just raised her foot in an instant, as if Xia Yan took the initiative to hit it.

Xia Yan had no choice but to flash back, but the next moment, Kuna Mashiro stepped on a footstep, and he shot at a high speed and punched it out.


Xia Yan kicked out with a fist, which was able to withstand her Strength.

Kuna Mashiro constantly launches Attack, suppressing Xia Yan, and Xia Yan always feels awkward.

Just like fighting with White Xia Yan, the two people have the same Ability, but the opposite side instinct is formidable. It is hard to win by using the Ability directly.

Xia Yan defeated White Xia Yan, relying on strategy, and the support strategy is to use Thunder Energy, relying only on the flesh, he could not formulate a strategy to win Kuna Mashiro.

How to win?

“If you can’t win, give it to me.”

A voice rang in Xia Yan mind.

‘Not good.’

Xia Yan quickly dissipated the mask, standing there, his face was a bit worried, and if he did not lift his mask in advance, he would be invaded by himself.

“Is this not going to work? Only ten minutes.”Kuna Mashiro feet stayed at Xia Yan’s neck and forcibly recovered.

Kuna Mashiro control over Strength is also more than Xia Yan’s.

Xia Yan scratched his head and did not expect that he would come out so quickly, which is related to the strength of the opponent and his own suffering.

Yadomaru Lisa said: “It seems that you still need to do a lot, take a break, restore the Reiatsu, and then continue.”

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