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Time flies, in a blink of an eye, four years have passed.

Xia Yan has been in the Onmitsukidō troops for 14 years, and now it is 28 years old, but the appearance is still a small child.

Although it is very good with Soi Fon of 150cm, but Xia Yan feels too short, can not take Soi Fon in his arms, can not care for Soi Fon. However, it seems that with the strength of Soi Fon, you don’t need to take care of her. You have to dare to do this, fearing that it will be level 2 disabled.

In any case, Xia Yan must find an opportunity to go to the border and let himself grow up.

When it comes to Soi Fon, Xia Yan is more discouraged. I thought that with the last hand, the relationship between the two would advance by leaps and bounds, but the result was that Soi Fon was very embarrassed by the rumors of the entire Soul Society, so she had a face all day. She is very rude to Xia Yan and never give him a good look.

This kind of behavior has a noun, proud and pampered, and is tough to cover up shyness.

However, the definition of proud and pampered has the apprehension and recognition of the object of the character, so it is also interpreted as being interested in people, but for various reasons, it is impossible to open the heart, and it is necessary to hide this feeling, which is higher. Gesture to people.

How to conquer proud and pampered?

Xia Yan has no clue.


“I tell you, don’t send flowers anymore, I don’t like it very much.”

Soi Fon looks at Xia Yan, who is in front of him, full of anger.

Xia Yan held a bunch of flowers and stared at Soi Fon and said, “That, what about this bunch of flowers?”

Soi Fon said with anger: “All bought, put it there for the time being, or it will be wasted. But I warn you that you can’t buy it again next time. ”

Xia Yan quickly said: “I remember.”

Soi Fon waved her hand and said, “Come on, hurry up and go.”

Xia Yan slowly withdrew from the room, and after leaving the room, the corner of the mouth showed a smile.

I don’t want to say it on my mouth. It’s not finished.

The tiredness is a hassle.

Xia Yan turned away from the house and sent a bunch of flowers every week to complete the Quest. This is what Xia Yan started in recent months. It was taught by Kyouraku Shunsui Captain. It is the only flower that can touch the woman’s heart. He have written a best-selling book called Rose’s path, which is very familiar to women’s feelings.

But Xia Yan later reacted, Kyouraku Captain, are not secretly in love, did not find a lover in the last life?

After Xia Yan finished the flower, after completing the work today, in the afternoon, Xia Yan went to the mountain to practice.

Xia Yan will practice every afternoon. On Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday, the four days of the afternoon, Xia Yan will practice with Soi Fon Captain. On Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, he will go to Mount Dove, sometimes Shiba Kaien. With a jug, the two will have a drink.

Xia Yan walked out of the courtyard and walked outside. It didn’t take long for a shadow to cover Xia Yan and said: “Xia Yan, let’s have a spar.”

Xia Yan saw Zaraki Kenpachi’s terrifying face, and the figure disappeared, and Zaraki Kenpachi left alone: ​​”It’s a cowardly little devil.”

Xia Yan certainly does not dare to fight Zaraki Kenpachi. He will not care about death and injury when he fights. If the fight rises, it is difficult to keep his hands.

As long as he avoids his own thunder and does not resist his own thunder, Xia Yan is not sure of victory.

Xia Yan used Shunpo, left Seireitei, and came to the mountain.

“Kaien big brother is not there.”

Xia Yan looked around for a week and found a place to start practicing. He sang low and said, “Land, Kaminari.”

Along with the dark clouds in the sky, a thunder was held by Xia Yan and turned into a short gun.

Xia Yan reached out and waved the Reiatsu of the sky and began to practice.


Xia Yan long spear slammed, a Lightning dragon hovered, Rushing toward the front, rushing into the air, bursting into bursts.

There are no trees around for the destruction of Xia Yan, and a huge pothole appears on the ground.

Thunder shape – Thunder Dragon form.

In four years, Xia Yan’s control over Thunder has been greatly enhanced, and it has been easy to shape and let the form anything.

However, shaping the form and maintaining the form all require the use of Reiatsu, and the damage at the time of the explosion cannot be concentrated.

Therefore, it is not as good as the Hiryū Gekizoku Shinten Raihō damage of the same diameter, and the spent Riatsu is small.

Now Xia Yan, after four years of exercise, increased the Reiatsu, can already make seven Hiryū Gekizoku Shinten Raihō, and the power is full version.

Even the Captain Expert, standing in Center field, will be seriously injured, except for Zaraki Kenpachi, but it can’t be tripled.

However, Xia Yan has not yet reached the seventh-level Reiatsu, and there is still a big gap between most of Captain, at least four to six years.

Although Hiryū Gekizoku Shinten Raihō is more practical, the Thunder Dragon is so gorgeous that it is very handsome and must be used in battle.

After Xia Yan released the dragon, the arm trembled and saw more than a dozen Thunder Birds appearing and flew away.

Flying into the air, suddenly scattered, and then gathered together, collided with each other and turned into a violent explosion.

This is a Thousand Birds, in addition to the more refined form, the power hit, at the same time after leaving the body, you can make a second control to make a change in the flight path.

This way you can carry out an all-round Attack on the enemy. If you match your melee, the opposite side is hard to defend.

Xia Yan thought, and condensed a spear, but he did not release, afraid of ruining the ground.

The high condensing energy of the spear can be battled or thrown into a huge explosion. The power will not be able to swallow all the objects along the way like Hiryū Gekizoku Shinten Raihō, but it can still blow up a big pit.

And the more energy you condense, the more powerful you are.

Xia Yan left hand appeared an inch-long shuttle. When it first appeared, it flashed with lightning. When it was awkward, it disappeared. The next moment, a dark hole appeared in the distant mountain body.

Instant electromagnetic gun.

Because of the speed and power of the electromagnetic gun, Xia Yan constantly improved the electromagnetic gun, full power acceleration can reach eleven times the speed of sound, but requires extremely long acceleration time.

However, Xia Yan has developed an instant electromagnetic gun. The quality of the projectile is small, the speed of the triple sound is reduced, and the power is reduced a lot, but the acceleration time is very small, close to the instant.

In addition, the structure of the Thunder Wing is also extremely concise, and it has been able to catch up with Soi Fon Thunder Shunko.

In addition, the thundering moves can make up for the lack of Strength in the state of the Thunder, and with more than four years of Shunpo train, Xia Yan can barely tie the match with Soi Fon during the release of the Thunder.

As long as the Reiatsu is not exhausted, Xia Yan is in the upper middle level Captain level, and the overall continuation reaches the medium Captain level.

And now the Zanpakuto is used for a long time and lasts longer, enough to beat the lower Captain.

But Xia Yan’s Strength, facing Aizen is not enough. One hand blocks Kurosaki ichigo Bankai Slash, seconds to drop Komamura, kill Arrancar and a lot of Captain, personal Strength is extremely formidable.

There is no super Captain level of combat power, facing Aizen only to be instant kill.

Xia Yan continues to hone his skills, constantly using the shape of the thunder, under the subtle control, can control and stabilize the spiritual power, at the same time continuously consumes the spiritual power, and can also indirectly increase the spiritual power.

But in the process of Xia Yan’s time and training, and sometimes rest and restoring Reiatsu, Xia Yan heard a soft whistle.

“Kaien Big Brother?”

Xia Yan turned his head subconsciously, but just in the moment of turning his head, a huge white fist appeared in front of Xia Yan and instantly hit him.


Xia Yan flew out and crashed into the mountain.

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  1. I’m loving this novel. It’s kind of nice to watch a protag take years to slowly get stronger outside of cultivation novels. Wish there was an editor though, the grammar can be tough to follow sometimes.

  2. The high condensing energy of the spear can be battled or thrown into a huge explosion. It seems like the MC copied Ulquiorra technique in his Segunda Etapa form 😀 maybe in the future he will also have a technique from Ulquiorra Tercera Etapa 😀

    btw, why the MC not trying to unlock/awaken his Bankai?

    Thx for the chapter ^^

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