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Soi Fon words reminded Xia Yan of his own Shikai. His Shikai name is called Kaminari. When it is released, Zanpakuto will disappear. There will be dark clouds above the sky, and the dark clouds will drop a Lightning. This Lightning is Kaminari.

Kaminari is a short gun, only four feet, of course, Xia Yan is now one meter four tall, not short.

Kaminari specific ability There are two, the first is the dark clouds in the sky produced by thunder, can form lightning, landing attack to enemies, powerful, of course, against captain-level characters, opposite side will have more ability to resist, especially Zaraki Kenpachi that body quality very strong monster, even can hard resistance, of course, will be injured, reduce the power of the line.

In the second case, Kaminari can convert his own Reiatsu into pure Thunder Attribute energy, which is extremely efficient, and is more efficient than Hadō #63 Raikōhō and Hadō #88 Hiryū Gekizoku Shinten Raihō, This is also why Xia Yan can release the thunderbolt.

Of course, even if it is converted, Xia Yan Reiatsu is limited to the use of three-shot Hiryū Gekizoku Shinten Raihō. After three rounds, it is difficult to support.

The power of Hiryū Gekizoku Shinten Raihō is huge. Hadō #88 as High-level, the power is far beyond the intermediate Hadō, and it is higher than Hadō #63 Raikōhō.

To know more than #88 high numbers of Hadō #90 Kurohitsugi, after abandoning the chanting can insta-kill Komamura.

Although there are Komamura and unforeseen factors, and the Komamura defensive power is not particularly high, but one-third of the power can be severely injured Komamura, only two number away from the Kurohitsugi serial number. Hiryū Gekizoku Shinten Raihō, the power can be imagined.

Even Zaraki Kenpachi, it is difficult to bear more than two times of Hiryū Gekizoku Shinten Raihō, but his own Reiatsu was too much to use the second shoot.

In addition, Xia Yan behind that, is also the second ability application, at that time Xia Yan see Hiryū Gekizoku Shinten Raihō No fruit, so will own only saved Reiatsu conversion, this want to turn into an explosion to activate the real Shunko, but the transformation of the energy more pure, so Xia Yan molded the Thuner, to provides the speed, is the full version of Shunko, even after the possibility of improvement.

That is to say, after possessing the Thunder Wing, Xia Yan does not need to be in Shunko, at least not a Thunder.

So next time you don’t have to continue to study Thunder Shunko, you can cooperate with fire, wind and other Attributes to make yourself more destructive or sustainable.

Of course, the Shunko need to consume a lot of Reiatsu, the current self even Shikai is difficult to use for a long time, so you need to improve the Reiatsu.

At least it must be upgraded to a seventh-class Reiatsu before it can be used freely.

The Hiryū Gekizoku Shinten Raihō shoot and the Thunder Wing are just the second ability extension.

Xia Yan feels that Kaminari can freely convert Thunder Energy, and can also develop more moves.

In addition to converting Thunder into Kido, you can shape the Thunder to become a bird or a beast. – Thunder Shape.

Accelerate Metal Shell with Lightning, Release Electromagnetic Cannon – Electromagnetic Cannon

Attach Lightning to the body’s fist for melee-thunder.

Using the high temperature generated by thunder, melting Metal, making weapon – Thunder Metallurgy

Use Lightning Attack Enemy Point – Thunder Point

Treating Internet Addiction with Lightning -? ? ?

Many techniques have been used in Xia Yan mind. As long as he recovers, he can try one by one.

Xia Yan told Soi Fon about his two foundation abilities. For Soi Fon, he doesn’t need to hide it. He knows her Zanpakuto and knows all her activities. She is his own teacher and his boss. It may also be…

Soi Fon learned of Xia Yan Zanpakuto Ability and said: “This is very formidable Ability, especially the second one, can generate a lot of Ability.”

Xia Yan nodded and said: “I already have a few ideas, how specific, still need a little test. ”

Soi Fon added: “You have mastered Shikai, and even the Ability to fight Captain-level characters is not suitable for sub-Team Captain.”

Xia Yan smiled and asked: “I want to be promoted?”

Soi Fon snorted and said, “But it is not appropriate for you to be a police officer, the Vice-Captain. I want you to go to three Squad to supervision squad and serve as Captain.”

“The third squad? The squad that oversees the Maggots Nest?”

Xia Yan has some accidents. The Maggots Nest is holding a large number of people who are threatening to Seireitei. Whether it is dangerous or not, the basis of judgment is not Strength, but thoughts and behaviors, and whether it hinders official duties. As long as such people are found, they can conduct investigations, arrest or surveillance.

Many of these people have disappeared on the grounds or withdrawing from Gotei 13th, but in fact, they have not withdrawn from this option.

If you have to leave because of personal reasons, it is called ‘Team Rest’, and if you don’t return to your home for a long time, you will be treated in the style of ‘de-legacy’.

But did not quit this option, so the exit means special inspection, was forced to send here, confiscated Zanpakuto. Of course, no matter if anyone enters the Maggots Nest, it is not allowed to carry the weapon. Therefore, as the nest manager and Captain, they must have their own strengths.

68 years ago (original work 10,010 years ago), the third squad captain is Kisuke Urahara, then he entered the 12th Division, 59 years ago to 68 years ago in this nine years time, he is 12th Division captain, at the same time founded the Technology Development Agency, inviting the Nirvana Mayuri from Maggots Nest to hold as deputy director of the Technology Development Bureau and three seats for the 12th Division.

After he left, Soi Fon (mistaken) was supervision squad. Then Yuruichi left the Onmitsukidō troops, Soi Fon took over, and still served as the supervision squad Captain. After all, she could subdue the dangerous elements, at least the Vice-Captain Strength above level.

Until now, Soi Fon found that Xia Yan Strength has reached the Captain level, even if it can’t carry Zanpakuto, it can also be ranked in the top among Vice-Captain. Therefore, she hopes he to serve as the supervision squad Captain.

Captain of supervision squad, is dangerous, but Xia Yan is confident that it can be done, and the supervision squad ‘underground supervision office’ is underground and more concealed.

Xia Yan battled Zaraki Kenpachi this time. Strength suddenly broke out and attracted some attention. Next, it needs to be as low-key as possible. The supervision squad is a good place to go.

In addition, the supervision of all the surveillance, arrest and investigation of the strength of all the Gotei 13th members is more rigorous than the police team’s grasp of the intelligence.

So Xia Yan said: “I am willing to go to supervision squad.”

“Good, then wait until you get cured and go to work.”

Soi Fon stood up and said, “Since you are awake, I will go back first.”

“Soi Fon Captain are you leaving?”

Xia Yan looks at Soi Fon, some disappointment, my heart is somewhat lost.

He don’t know when it started, Xia Yan had a strange feeling in Soi Fon.

There are four days a week, they will gather together in the afternoon, practice together and study together.

Xia Yan sometimes “passively” invites the Shinigami Women’s Association to eat, often returning the drunken Soi Fon back.

He saw her majestic side, and he saw her lovely side.

Especially this time, she helped himself master Shikai and guarded his bed for a day and a half.

Xia Yan feels that he seems to like her, and he likes this woman who always have her cold faces.

I want to get along with her as much as possible, so that her departure will make Xia Yan feel a little sad.

Soi Fon saw Xia Yan look and said softly: “I have been here for a day and a half, and I still need to go back to handle the Division, but I will come back at night.”

Xia Yan said with a smile: “That, Captain goodbye.”


Soi Fon turned and left the room, and Soi Fon sighed.

How can I not see the feeling in your eyes, just like my former self.

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