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Time flies, in the blink of an eye, the first half of the school year has ended.

In the past half of the school year, Xia Yan learned far more than the first grade. Not only did he learn Kido with Tsuno Hiroshi, but also mastered Shunpo.

In particular, Kido, Xia Yan now has the top 20 of Hadō and the top 15 of Bakudō.

As more and more Kido are mastered, and the larger the serial number, the higher the difficulty and the longer it takes.

But this mastery of speed has far exceeded that of other peers.

To know that the students of Spiritual Arts Academy don’t follow the serial number, they only know some unique Kido and use it repeatedly.

These screened Kidos are relatively versatile,  Hadō #1 Sho, Hadō #4 Byakurai, Hadō #11 Tsuzuri Raiden, Hadō #12 Fushibi, etc., and Bakudō #1 Sai, Bakudō #4 Hainawa, Bakudō #8 Seki, Bakudō #21 Sekienton, and so on.

At the end of the school year, students will be able to meet the standards as long as they have five Hadō and five Bakudō.

Xia Yan has mastered a total of 35, except for the Kido Corps and some formidable Shinigami, few people can master so many Kido.

Xia Yan goal is to master all of Hadō and Bakudō from one to sixty. Anyway, he has a fifth-class Reiatsu, and intermediate Kido can also master it.

As long as you master so many Kido, it represents the diversity of battle.

Hinamori Momo can combine Fushibi and Shakkahō, the two Hadō and Bakudō, which form a multi-explosive explosion.

Xia Yan also hopes to be able to combine more formidable moves.

Xia Yan improvement is very big, and now he is much stronger than Renji.


At this time, Xia Yan and Renji were standing in the training room. Renji held a Shinai and rushed toward Xia Yan.

Xia Yan took a step forward, but did not consciously use Reishi, and immediately escaped the attack, to the side of Renji, the right index finger gently.

He saw a shock wave flying out and hit Renji.

Seeing that he was about to be hit, Renji suddenly turned to the left side, and the poor ones avoided it. At the same time, he leaned over and took the Shinai and stabbed toward Xia Yan.

Seeing to be stabbed, a white light appeared, and it flashed away, falling in the hands of Renji.

The next moment, Renji figure dumbfounded, only felt the sense of paralysis.

Hadō #4, Byakurai.

Shooting a thunder, you can penetrate the human body, but Xia Yan abandoned the chanting, and deliberately control the power, so that the power is greatly reduced, only Renji feel paralyzed.

Renji Shinai fell to the ground, and he looked at Xia Yan. “Your Strength is getting more and more terrible.”

Xia Yan said with a smile: “Renji Big Brother, after you have learned Kido, you can naturally do this.”

Renji waved his hand and said, “Hadō #1 you taught me that day, I took it for two weeks, and I have to chant it. It takes too long and the power is normal. I can’t do it all at once.”

Renji Kido Talent is not too high. If you use Kido will chant, it will take too long and will give you reaction time. The actual combat value is weak.

Unless the intermediate Kido, such as Sōkatsui, such a powerful Hadō.

In addition, if you reach the level of High-level Kido, whether it is Sōren Sōkatsui, Hiryū Gekizoku Shinten Raihō, or Kurohitsugi, there is a change in the power of the battle.

Even if it is his own teacher, Tsuno Hiroshi, he can only display a few High-level Kido.

As for the Forbidden, even the current Kido Corps, Grand Kidō Chief can’t do it.

Xia Yan and Renji came out of the training room together. Now it is the holiday season at the end of the first school year. Otherwise, they are usually in the same dormitory. There is not much time for communication.

The two returned to the bedroom, and Kira Izuru had packed up and returned home, leaving only two people in the room.

It was already in the evening, and the two washed each other and went back to their respective beds to sleep.

But by the time the night fell, a figure appeared in the window, reaching out to grab Xia Yan, resisting on the shoulder, and disappearing instantly.

Xia Yan was caught in the moment, but did not open the eyes, keep the body relaxed, let the opposite side take himself to the distance.

But on the road, Xia Yan is analyzing the situation that may be encountered.

The opposite side is squatting on itself, the figure is not tall, the height from the ground is limited, and the shoulders are not wide.

At this point, the opposite side is not too tall.

However, Xia Yan did not dare to take a nap. The speed of the opposite side was very fast. Using Shunpo, it was 30 meters away in a flash, and it was not limited to the flat land. Even if a building appeared in front of it, it could easily jump up.

In addition, the speed of the opposite side is very smooth, which proves that the opposite side of Shunpo is much better than itself.

There is also breathing, the rhythm of breathing is very slow, slower than walking, and there is almost no ups and downs in the body.

This person is very strong, at least in Hakuda and Shunpo, with a strength far beyond his own.

But he doesn’t know that he is awake. If he sneak attacks, there may be some Odds of success.

Xia Yan continued to stay in a state of sleep, centering on his own dormitory, and adjusting the position of the opposite side according to the opposite side of the opposite side.

First south, then east, this is the direction of the seireitei center, and is the position of the center east.

Going forward, part of the opposite side takes the mountain to the mountain. This mountain is the mountain opposite the 64th room in the center. The cliff is the hill of the double squat, which is the location of the scorpion, and then stops at the middle of the mountain. Got a step.

This mountain is actually location of 2nd Division and Onmitsukidō troops.

Plus the Shunpo exposed on the opposite side and the technique to control the body.

Xia Yan knows that people who come here should be closely related to 2nd Division, but why arrest themselves?

Xia Yan did not understand, is it doubtful that he is an enemy, but the trial confession is a matter of 9th Division.

The 2nd Division duty is execution. The first squad of Onmitsukidō is the execution and assassination. The second squad is patrolling. It is similar to the duties of the 10th Division, but it is monitoring the movement of Shinigami. The third squad is the monitoring team, which is responsible for the worm’s nest. The fourth squad is the Ritin team, responsible for the communication.

In any case, he will not be their goal. Once he become their goal, he must have died.

Therefore, Xia Yan judged that this has nothing to do with the duties of the 2nd Division and the Onmitsukidō troops themselves, but if they are not allowed, they will not be able to break into this area.

The head is not high, only about 150cm, able to enter and exit 2nd Division and Onmitsukidō troops, with superb Shunpo skills and ultimate control of the body.

There are only one person in the entire Gotei 13th.

So when the opposite side put Xia Yan down, on the opposite side to wake up him, Xia Yan just opened his eyes, looks at the bottle eyes with black eyes above the mask, gently asked: “Soi Fon Captain, it’s too late, what do you bring me out?”

When she heard Xia Yan words, the opposite side body was stiff and asked: “You, how did you know?”

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