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in this chapter, i have searched and read the manga again for technique name, but not found XD, so anyone know the technique name and i will edit it again if anyone know…

In the next few days, Xia Yan followed the Ōmaeda Marechiyo to understand the police team, knew all the patrol guards, and participated in the Guard mission and Rotate mission.

At the same time, Xia Yan also received his own hell butterfly. Hell butterfly is a kind of creature growing in Soul Society. The number is rare. The main function is to communicate. At the same time can also lead the way. Shinigami goes to Human World and Return to by guidance of Hell’s Butterfly, or Shinigami will be lost in the break.

After having his own hell butterfly, Xia Yan mastered the unique recognition skills of the second team to identify with Gotei 13 and other members of the second team.

After Xia Yan mastered this, Ōmaeda Marechiyo began to neglect his duties, and all the work was prepared by Xia Yan.

Arranging mission, making a roster of mission personnel, and changing the guard point, just three days, Xia Yan began to handle the entire police team.

Xia Yan is not disgusted with this. Through the arrangement of the guard points, he also has an understanding of the entire seireitei. All areas, various teams, and all buildings are well known.


“How are you getting used to these days?”

Soi Fon stood not far from Xia Yan, looks at him.

On this day is Wednesday, according to the agreement, on Wednesdays and Fridays every week, Xia Yan needs to go to Soi Fon for a special training.

Xia Yan replied: “The position of all the police team members and the location of the guard points have been mastered, and the rotation of personnel and the change of guard points have been arranged in a timely manner.”

“This Ōmaeda is lazy again.”

Soi Fon said with a bite, Xia Yan said that it was the duty of guarding Team Captain, and now he came to prove that Ōmaeda was negligent.

“Don’t mention him, I want you to find me every Wednesday and Friday, in order to carry out a special training for you.”

Soi Fon looks at Xia Yan, slowly said: “There are three mission for this special trainings. The first one is to help you master Stepping on Air, the second is to teach you the Point of Collapse and Piercing, and the third is to teach you Hakuda and Shunpo. The first of all the high-level Shinigami needs to be mastered, the second is the Onmitsukidō force, and the skills of a few other Shinigami masters. The third is the train Quest I prepared for you. ” (X-N: Anyone know the technique name?)

Xia Yan knows the meaning of this Stepping on Air. Stepping on Air is a means of floating, allowing Shinigami to float in the air.

As for the Point of Collapse and Piercing, it is a special use technique to put the anesthetic into the body to subdue the enemy’s style.

Soi Fon looks at Xia Yan: “I will teach you Stepping on Air today. Stepping on Air is to gather Reishi in the atmosphere to reach the way of floating and moving in the air.”

After a pause, Soi Fon added: “If you want Stepping on Air, you need a higher spiritual pressure, control the surrounding Reishi, and form a support point in the air. You first gather Reishi in your hand. ”

After Soi Fon finished, Xia Yan extended his right hand, and the surrounding Reishi gathered in the right hand of Xia Yan to form a blue ball of light.

Soi Fon nodded and said, “You are now pressing your left hand on Reishi.”

Xia Yan extended his left hand and went to press Reishi, but the left hand just touched the Reishi, but let Reishi spread.

Soi Fon explained: “This is because Reishi’s density is low. If you want to stand in the air, the density of support points is extremely high. This requires a very strong control. I will teach you first…You, have you succeeded? ”

The last sentence of Soi Fon has not been finished yet. I saw that Reishi in front of Xia Yan slowly spread out and turned into a positive direction. The thickness was only about one centimeter and it was constantly compressed.

As the density of Reishi increased, Xia Yan jumped on Reishi, but only for a moment, it collapsed.

Xia Yan fell from Reishi and scratched his head and said: “Without success, it seems that the control is weak.”

‘not successful.’

I haven’t finished it yet, you have already created a support point that can carry the body for a moment, which is already successful.

Soi Fon heart tsukkomi,

But still said with a slap in the face: “Know it, don’t worry, it can’t be done twice…I am going, have you succeeded? ”

Soi Fon hasn’t finished a sentence yet. Xia Yan once again gathered Reishi. Xia Yan tiptoed and jumped up. This time, Reishi continued to gather and supported Xia Yan body.

Xia Yan stood in the air and shook the body, although Reishi at the foot continued to collapse, but it continued to gather.

Soi Fon eyes widened, this is a success? Is this a bit too simple?

This kind of walking skills is not something that all Shinigami can master. It requires a certain level of Reiatsu and requires good control.

Of course, as long as these two conditions are met, it is not difficult to master.

In the original work, when Zangetsu taught Kurosaki ichigo this technique, it is straightforward that you can master it now, and then Kurosaki ichigo is easy to succeed.

Soi Fon breathed a sigh of relief, and Xia Yan Reiatsu was not a problem, but he was only smart.

But then Soi Fon was surprised by everything she saw. She saw Xia Yan in midair, and Reishi at the foot gradually became a road and spread to the distance.

The road was straight and smooth, and Xia Yan ran on the road toward the distance, then rolled over at the end and returned to Soi Fon.

Soi Fon stared at Xia Yan and asked, “How did you do it?”

This is not a simple stepping, but a Spirit Road, which requires a very high Reiatsu to form, and is used as the main walking tool in the void of nothingness.

Spirit Road requirements for spiritual power are extremely strict, requiring not only the Reishi in the air, but also the Reishi released by the operator himself.

The higher the practitioner’s Reiatsu, the wider the Spirit Road, the purer Reiatsu, the more tidy the road.

Although Xia Yan Spirit Road is not comparable to herself, there are also three levels of ordinary seats and four seats.

Xia Yan smiled and replied: “I originally wanted to have more Reishi under my feet. As a result, Reishi around me couldn’t replenish it in time, so I shed my own Reiatsu for stability, and it was natural.”

“It turns out that, you did a good job.”

Soi Fon eyes are complicated, the brat’s latent talent is too high. Not only is Reiatsu is high, but the control of Reishi is extremely formidable. No wonder it is Kido genius.

Xia Yan jumped into the air. In the sky, Reishi gathered together. Xia Yan just stepped on it and then jumped up again.

In a blink of an eye, Xia Yan jumped higher and faster, and the speed became faster and faster, flying directly in the air.

But in midair, Xia Yan suddenly leaned back and fell down.

“Not good.”

Soi Fon saw this scene and just rushed to save him. As a result, the next moment, Xia Yan both hands pressed in the air, where Reishi formed a support point and supported his body.

Then Xia Yan flipped again and again, and with the constant condensation of Reishi, he turned up in the air.

Soi Fon saw this scene and sighed. She learned this to spend the whole day.

But this brat, only succeeded after two trials, but also self-extended, learned Spirit Road and used it so skillfully.

It’s really more human than a dead person.

Soi Fon thought, Xia Yan has been fluttering, standing next to Soi Fon and asking: “Soi Fon Captain, what else to learn today?”

What to learn? The teaching content I prepared has been completed by you in advance.

Soi Fon looks at Xia Yan, helplessly said: “Since Stepping on Air has taught you, I will teach you to Point of Collapse and Piercing.”

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