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The Point of Collapse and Piercing is a unique technique for anesthesia. The point of piercing is to pierce the body with the palm of your hand and deliver a potent anesthetic to the target body. The collapse point is to use a great force to drive the anesthetic into the body.

Both have formidable anesthesia effects, even those with high physical pressure can not be avoided, such as Yoruichi used to pierce anesthesia to Kurosaki ichigo, such as Kira with an anesthesia bow.

Soi Fon told Xia Yan how to use the technique, but now there is no method to experiment, and he can only explore it himself.

And this kind of combat style has less chance of being used, and it can be used only when it is special.

After Xia Yan remembered, this special training was over. Soi Fon asked Xia Yan to come back on Friday and she planned to leave.

But after a few steps, she found that Xia Yan was following her own behind.

Soi Fon stood by, looks at Xia Yan and asked, “Do you have anything else?”

Xia Yan coughed and said: “Soi Fon Captain, I want to borrow some money.”

Soi Fon looked at Xia Yan, some accidents, and asked: “Borrow money?”

Xia Yan nodded and said: “I didn’t bring much money. I have spent all these days. Now I have no money, I can’t get the salary.”

Xia Yan money is still left in the past, and the number is not much.

Second team is no better than the Spiritual Arts Academy, which provides accommodation and daily necessities. The former only provides dormitory, but daily meals require daily expenses.

Xia Yan originally wanted to borrow money from Ōmaeda Marechiyo, but who knows that he didn’t come to the team today.

Soi Fon heard Xia Yan words and said, “Well, let me go and get it.”

Soi Fon took Xia Yan back to the office of 2nd Division, took out the purse and took out a sum of money and handed it to Xia Yan. She asked, “Is it enough?”

Xia Yan looks at the four zeros on this thick banknote, and quickly said: “100.000 is enough, this is too much. ”

As an aide to Xia Yan, the monthly income is 200.000, which is similar to the purchasing power of yen.

Soi Fon picked up 100.000 and handed it to Xia Yan. After Xia Yan took over, he smiled and said: “Thank you Soi Fon Captain, I will return it to you as soon as possible.”

Soi Fon waved her hand and said, “This money is not going to be paid.”

Soi Fon is extremely rich. She is Team Captain of 2nd Division, the commander of the Onmitsukidō force, and the head of the criminal army. She can receive three salary. Secondly, there is a large amount of training funding. After the team is destroyed, the repaired person is Ōmaeda. Marechiyo, this allows Soi Fon to accumulate most of the money.

So Soi Fon doesn’t care about this little 100.000.

But Xia Yan said: “Then I will ask Captain to eat.”

Soi Fon just wanted to refuse, but Xia Yan said with a smile: “It is decided.”

Xia Yan turned and ran out of the room. Soi Fon touched her nose and felt that she was not fit.

He is the second person to borrow money from himself, and the second one is to ask for dinner.

The first time is of course the woman.


After getting the money, Xia Yan left the team and went to the commodity street, intending to buy some items.

Now Xia Yan room is still very simple. Xia Yan will stay here for many years and need to buy something.

Xia Yan plans to buy an alarm clock. He made up his mind to get up an hour early every day and conduct an hour of martial arts training.

At the same time Xia Yan intends to buy a key ring, to string all of his own keys.

There are also toiletries, as well as books and pens and bookshelves.

Xia Yan bought a lot of things and spent more than 40,000. When these things are about to leave, a voice rang in the ear. “Xiao Yanyan, it is you.”

Xia Yan turned her head and saw a pink Kusajishi Yachiru standing there, holding a paper bag in her left hand and taking a golden sugar from her right hand and stuffing it into her mouth.

Xia Yan said with a smile: “Yachiru Lieutenant, are you going to buy candy?”

“Yes. Buy some candy. ”

Kusajishi Yachiru ate another golden candy, and the sights at Xia Yan Shihakushō asked, “You are already Shinigami now? Which team is it now? ”

Xia Yan said : “I joined 2nd Division.”

Kusajishi Yachiru nodded and said, “The 2nd Division, it is not for you.”

This sentence Xia Yan has heard more than once, but can only helplessly smile.

Kusajishi Yachiru waved and said, “I am leaving. You can go to 11th Division to find me when I have time.”

“I’ll be there.”

Xia Yan promised to come down, this is not a guest. The 11th Division is a combat team. The frontal battle is their combat style. If he want to increase his experience through actual combat, they will be very suitable opponents.

After Kusajishi Yachiru left, Xia Yan returned to second team building and began to arrange tomorrow’s rotation of mission, then sat on the bed and continued to communicate with Zanpakuto.

But still did not get a response, it seems that it has not been recognized.

Xia Yan knows that he does not have to worry. The first thing he needs to do is to upgrade himself.

Xia Yan thought of this, took out a piece of paper and began to develop a detailed work plan.

The first is work. Xia Yan is responsible for the work of the garrison every day. Especially after Ōmaeda Marechiyo has handed over all the work to Xia Yan, he needs to do a lot.

However, due to the dangers that have not been encountered for decades, the Guard’s work is relatively easy. Xia Yan does not need to be personally responsible for each guard point. It only needs to divide the area and let the guard team rotate itself.

Xia Yan needs to take six hours a day to work. This is an unchangeable working time and must be considered.

In addition, Xia Yan gets up at 6 o’clock every morning, washes and goes to the cafeteria for breakfast, which takes about half an hour.

Then from 6:30 train to 8 o’clock, then go to the office.

The two-hour training time was arranged for Zanjutsu and Hakuda, respectively. The reason why these two martial arts training were chosen instead of Shunpo and Kido is because these two martial arts training can mobilize the whole body as much as possible.

When I got to the office, I started working at eight o’clock, working for three hours, and at eleven o’clock, I went to lunch.

After lunch, I went back to the room for soul infusion training. I went to the office at two o’clock in the afternoon, worked for three hours, and got off work at five o’clock.

This work is all over, Xia Yan went to dinner, and started to train Kido and Shunpo at seven o’clock.

Return to the room around nine o’clock, read books and prepare to rest.

This allows for four hours of train time per day, as well as two hours of soul infusion time, without violating daily working hours.

Of course, every Wednesday and Friday afternoons need to follow Soi Fon Captain for special training, which need to be adjusted during office hours.

After making the schedule, Xia Yan taped it to Ikkaku on the desk so that it could be seen every day.

This schedule has made Xia Yan time full, although it is boring and there is no entertainment time, but Xia Yan does not mind.

Xia Yan needs to improve his Strength as soon as possible, and wants to become formidable, life is destined to be boring.

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  1. return to the room around nine o’clock, read books and prepare to rest.
    Xia Yan needs to improve his Strength as soon as possible, and wants to become formidable, life is destined to be boring.

    why he sleep around 9 o clock if he want to improve his Strength as soon as possible?
    he should train until midnight, he wasted 3 hours each day and even human named Hayate Ayasaki from Hayate The Combat Butler only sleep 1 hour each day! ahahahaha 😀 and i also sleep only until midnight and there is no problem.

    Thx for the chapter ^^

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