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  In a blink of an eye, a month passed and Xia Yan adapted to the life in Spiritual Arts Academy and settled down at the Spiritual Arts Academy.
  At this time, Xia Yan is holding Shinai and working with other students in second class to make a vibration in training room.
  In the past month, with the use of spiritual food, Xia Yan felt that the Reiatsu was greatly improved, and it was almost close to the fifth-class Reiatsu.
  Training for half an hour, Xia Yan forehead has appeared fine sweat, this time Zanjutsu teacher Tsuruhisa Hiroshi said: “All right, training is over, everyone will spar woth each other, I will assign your opponent.”
  ”Abarai Renji, you and Kira Iziru.”
  ”Kondo, you and Katsura Yū.”
  After 21 groups of assigned opponents, and finally looked at last person in boy group, now just 12 years old Xia Yan, and said: “Xia Yan, you and Hinamori Momo.”
  Xia Yan is young and not tall, only one meter four or five, which is about ten centimeters lower than other boys.
  Hinamori Momo is also short among girls, only one meter five, but older, just as Xia Yan opponent.
  After assigning the group, Xia Yan came to Hinamori Momo and stared at Hinamori Momo.
  Hinamori Momo is a small, dark hair wrapped in the back of her head, looks beautiful, fair-skinned, with a pair of smart eyes.
  Compared to Xia Yan’s preoccupation, Hinamori Momo is somewhat careless, and feels that Xia Yan is a child, so she is not in the heart.
  Hinamori Momo looks at Xia Yan, said with a smile: “Xia Yan, I didn’t expect you to be my opponent, you attack.”
  With the words of Hinamori Momo, Xia Yan right foot stepped out, the moment of landing, the left heel, at the same time with Shinai, squatting from top to bottom, turned into a residual image, hitting the front of Hinamori Momo.
  Hinamori Momo was rushed and only had time to lift her Shinai in front of her body and was beaten.
  Huge force came, and Shinai in the hands of Hinamori Momo almost came out.
  At the moment when Hinamori Momo regained her Shinai, the Shinai in Xia Yan’s hand had already came on the neck of Hinamori Momo.
  Hinamori Momo looked awkward and couldn’t believe it, but then she became defeated.
  Xia Yan took back the Shinai and went to Hinamori Momo and said, “I am rude.”
  Hinamori Momo is a bit sly, and she did not think that Xia Yan was strong, but he defeated herself in an instant.
  Ridiculously, I also thought that Xia Yan was a child, and he was not her opponent at all.
  Hinamori Momo remembered the performance just now, her face was a little rosy, and she saw the expression of Xia Yan, and some dissatisfied said: “Come again.”
  Hinamori Momo once again took the Shinai in her hand and stared at Xia Yan, looking alert.
  She blamed herself for being defeated. The opposite side is a genius with a fourth-class Reiatsu, but he is short, only 11 years old, and his arms are thinner than herself. Hinamori Momo thinks that she should be careful. Be careful, you can’t lose to this little boy.
  But when Hinamori Momo bottom of the heart made up her mind, Xia Yan took another step forward and used a foot to reach Hinamori Momo.
  With the advancement of the body, the Shinai in the hand squats from top to bottom. During the process of cutting the bamboo knife, the left hand and the right hand are twisted toward the inside, and the strength of the both hands is poured inside of the Shinai and gathered at the tip of Shinai.
  Hinamori Momo reacted very quickly this time, timely blocking in front of her body, but followed by a huge force that shook Hisamori Momo arm.
  ”Great strength.”
  Hinamori Momo silver teeth bite, and her heart is a little shocked. This time, Xia Yan Strength is bigger than the previous one. I really don’t know how this little guy has so much strength, but fortunately I prepared myself to resist this blow.
  At the moment when Shinai was blocked, Xia Yan stepped back in time and opened the distance.
  The importance of regressing is undoubted. In Rukongai, Xia Yan already knows not only to avoid the enemy’s possible counterattack, but also to reserve the distance for rescuing power, and to adjust the attack style in time through the actions of the enemy.
  Xia Yan stepped back, and Hinamori Momo stepped forward and same Shinai attack.
  Xia Yan once again retreat one step, Hinamori Momo Shinai crossed the distance of one centimeter in front of Xia Yan nose, and at the moment when Shinai fell, Xia Yan had already stabbed on the chest of Hinamori Momo.
  Xia Yan movements are simple and powerful, just a few simple tricks to easily defeat Hinamori Momo.
  Hinamori Momo looks at the Shinai in front of her, I feel that I am too careless, and should not take the initiative to attack after the opposite side distance himself .
  Hinamori Momo once again launched the challenge, but after a few moves, Hinamori Momo was beaten by Xia Yan Shinai.
  Hinamori Momo challenged Xia Yan again and again, but the result is very clear, she will lose every time no more than ten strokes.
  With her familiarity with Xia Yan moves, there are more and more supportive tricks, but she can only resist in front of them. Once she try to fight back, she will be defeated only by one stroke.
  Hinamori Momo is in a hurry, and the fine sweat on the forehead is slowly falling down on her pretty face.
  With the constant failure, Hinamori Momo mood is getting more and more anxious, aiming at an opportunity, and the Shinai hits Xia Yan chest.
  Xia Yan took a step forward and left to escape. At the moment of walking, the Shinai in his hand swayed and cut to the neck of Hinamori Momo.
  In the face of Xia Yan Shinai, Hinamori Momo tried to block the Shinai, but according to his speed, it was too late to block the blow.
  Hinamori Momo was in a hurry, mobilizing Strength as much as possible, and unconsciously used Reishi.
  After Reishi bloom, Hinamori Momo speed, speeded up several times, and Xia Yan swaying wave was blocked. The huge force took the Shinai in Xia Yan hand and flew it at the same time.
  This Shinai speed is fast, and in the blink of an eye, it is in front of Xia Yan.
  How can Xia Yan expect Hinamori Momo to use Reishi, which is too late to react, and the subconscious moving body is still being shouldered.
  The Shinai in hand of Hinamori Momo hit Xia Yan shoulder and directly shattered Xia Yan’s shoulder bone. It was a painful feeling.
  Xia Yan made a noise, fell to the ground, held his shoulder, his face pale.
  Seeing this scene, Hinamori Momo stunned and realized what she had done.
  I just wanted to win, and I used Reishi subconsciously and wounded Xia Yan.
  ”You, you are fine.”
  Hinamori Momo was in a hurry and threw down the Shinai and ran to Xia Yan. She came to Xia Yan and was not standing still. She was pushed to the ground by a figure:
  ”Give me away.”
  Appearing in front of Xia Yan is Abarai Renji, who is the one who cares most about Xia Yan. At the first moment of Xia Yan injury, he came to Xia Yan body and helped his body.
  Renji asked anxiously: “Xia Yan, how do you feel?”
  Xia Yan bit his teeth and said: “The bones have been shattered.”
  Hinamori Momo quickly said: “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it.”
  Renji face gloomy and cold, glanced at Hinamori Momo, angered: “The teacher has said that spar is not allowed to use spiritual power, you use Reishi, I think you are deliberate.”
  ”I really didn’t mean it.”
  Hinamori Momo tears in the eyelids and wants to say something, but at this time, Zanjutsu teacher Tsuruhisa Hiroshi came to the side and groped at Xia Yan shoulder. With Xia Yan more painful sound, he sighed and said. : “The shoulder bone is broken, the clavicle is crushed, and the injury is not too light.”
  Renji asked anxiously: “What should I do?”
  Zanjutsu teacher Tsuruhisa Hiroshi said calmly: “Don’t worry, 4th Division has a special training class at the Spiritual Arts Academy. The teacher is the squad leader of 4th Division medical rescue class, enough to treat all kinds of injuries. Renji, you go to the teacher. ”

  Renji stood up and ran to the medical class.

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    Hinamori Momo at academy

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    Xia Yan made a noise, fell to the ground, licking his shoulders, his face pale.

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