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After Father Liu and Mother Liu went out, both Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan let out a sigh of relief. Fortunately, Father Liu and Mother Liu didn’t say much.

Liu Chiyan is curious why Ye Guang is called by Father Liu to the study, “Why Dad ask you to go to the study?”

Ye Guang smiled, “Your dad deeply impressed by my noble personality, so he specifically asked me to write two characters to him in order to pay homage and worship.”

Liu Chiyan gave him a white look, “It’s finished when my dad hears you, what do you say?”

Ye Guang stuck his tongue out, “Liu’er, is there any more breakfast? I’ll have some more.”

Liu Chiyan: “Have you not eaten enough? There seems to be some porridge, I’ll go see it.”

Ye Guang nodded, “You don’t know, your dad looked at me with a knife in his eyes in the morning, how dare I let go and eat.”

Liu Chiyan smiled and said, “Look at your prowess.”

Ye Guang ate some porridge again, and Liu Chiyan took a card and placed it in front of Ye Guang.

Ye Guang was slightly startled.

Liu Chiyan: “There are 100 million in this card.”

Ye Guang stunned, “One hundred million, so just give it to me?”

Liu Chiyan pretended to take the card back, “Don’t want? Forget it.”

Ye Guang quickly reached out and took the card over first, “Yes, yes, of course!” As he said, Ye Guang looked at the dark gold bank card over and over again, “One hundred million, tusk, I have never seen so much money… but it doesn’t seem to feel any special in your hand.”

Liu Chiyan smiled and said, “You fold it into cash and pile it in front of you to see if you feel it.”

Ye Guang smiled.

When the money placed in a bank card, many people really don’t feel anything. They just think it’s a bunch of numbers, but they really have to be placed in front of them. Don’t say one hundred million, even one million will have some palpitations.


Ye Guang didn’t go anywhere today, even for the next issue of Running Man, he just made a phone call directly to Shang Shan. Anyway, Shang Shan also clear about the show, if it wasn’t Kim Tae-seo in the previous issue, Shang Shan plan has been very good, and Ye Guang can rest assured to give it to him. He can just be an ordinary guest in the future. It is good to go when he needs to record a show. Of course, the general direction still needs to be controlled by Ye Guang, but this is not a time-consuming and laborious thing.

With the 100 million Yuan supported by Liu Chiyan, Ye Guang also wanted to implement the idea in his heart as soon as possible.

He stayed in the room for a whole day, Ye Guang searched for this kind of information and materials on the Internet. He’s very concerned about this matter, and he didn’t want Liu Chiyan hundreds of millions to became nothing.

There are not many things in Ye Guang that belong to his own personality, but one thing is quite good, that is, he is focused enough to do things, serious and dedicated enough. So, when he puts in his mind, he even forgets to sleep and eat.

So, at lunch, Liu Chiyan called him several times. In the end, finally got a little angry, half-dragging him before going to eat.

In the evening, when Father Liu and Mother Liu came back, they didn’t see Ye Guang for a long time. They thought Ye Guang not in home today, and they lost a pair of tableware during dinner.

Liu Chiyan: “Mom, you missed a pair of tableware.”

Mother Liu counted, “No, just right, Little Ye is not here.”

Liu Chiyan: “Who said he is not here? He hasn’t been out from home all day today. He is in the room.”

Mother Liu  taken aback for a moment, “Ah? He’s here. I have been back for so long, I haven’t seen him come out. I thought he was not here today. What is Little Ye up to?”

Liu Chiyan shrugged, “He was wondering how to spend 100 million.”

Mother Liu stunned.

After dinner is ready, Mother Liu brought the food to the table and greeted Liu Chiyan, “Go and call your dad and Little Ye to eat. This old and young is really true. There are no people in sight at all, when he come back, he just went and drilled in the study.”

Liu Chiyan went to call the old and the young according to her mother words.

Father Liu get into the study as soon as he got home today and didn’t come out. In the morning he asked Ye Guang to write two characters, and he didn’t have time to study it. One he took to the unit as a gift, such good character just given away right that.

It really hurts for Father Liu, who loves the word, but fortunately, he still has a better work than the one sent out, so after returning home, he hurriedly went to the study to analyze it.

Father Liu really liked the character written by Ye Guang, and he held it in his hand and loved it. Every word, every stroke of that little poem was very artistic and beautiful in Father Liu eyes.

“Dad, have a meal.” Liu Chiyan knocked on the door of Father Liu study.

“Know it, come right away.” Father Liu responded in the study.

Liu Chiyan went to call Ye Guang again, opened the door, Ye Guang was still sitting in front of the computer looking for information.

Liu Chiyan walked over to him and said, “Eating.”

Ye Guang froze for a moment, then looked at the time, “Oh, it’s already past seven o’clock, OK, I know, you go first, I’ll come right away.”

Liu Chiyan felt that these words were familiar, “Hurry up.” With that, Liu Chiyan turned around and went out.

The food has all been served, and Yiyi has taken the chopsticks, looked at the delicious food on the table, her eyes had stars.

Mother Liu and Liu Chiyan also seated separately, but Father Liu and Ye Guang didn’t come down.

Mother Liu: “Have you called them? Why don’t come down?”

Liu Chiyan: “I called.”

Mother Liu: “Go and shout again, the food will be cold.”

Liu Chiyan smiled bitterly, “Mom, why don’t you go, I don’t necessarily can bring them.”

Mother Liu looked at Liu Chiyan, “Okay, I’ll go, I’d like to see, what are these two men researching, and made them don’t want to eat anymore?”

With that said, Mother Liu went upstairs while “chuckling”.

Mother Liu still went to call Dad Liu first. She knocks on the door of Father Liu study on weekdays, but she pushed the door directly in today, “What are you busy with? Time to eat.”

Father Liu still immersed in studying Ye Guang calligraphy, “Okay, come right away.” Father Liu responded.

Mother Liu is curious, seeing Father Liu not moved. She walked over and took a look. Mother Liu didn’t understand the calligraphy, but she still can see it clearly. Seeing the name of Ye Guang written in the inscription on the calligraphy that Father Liu studying, Mother Liu had some surprise, “Ah, can Little Ye write?”

Liu Father gave a hum.

Mother Liu looked at it carefully, “I don’t quite understand, but it looks pretty good. I didn’t expect Little Ye to have this skill.”

Father Liu straightened up, “It’s okay, I can barely see it.” Father Liu tried to pretend to be plain and said against his will.

Mother Liu smiled and didn’t reveal him, “You’re just holding it, all right, don’t study it, eat.”

Father Liu nodded and carefully put “Pale-dark Plums” written by Ye Guang into the picture tube before he went out with Mother Liu.

“You go down first, I call Little Ye.” Mother Liu said to Father Liu at the door.

Father Liu, “What is he busy with? He doesn’t eat food. If he doesn’t want, he won’t eat. What do you call him to do.”

Mother Liu cast a glance at him, “You are so embarrassed to say that, all right, I will call him.”

Mother Liu went to call Ye Guang again. When she went to call Ye Guang, Mother Liu didn’t push the door directly, but knocked on the door first. Who knows if Ye Guang will do strange things alone in the room?

Mother Liu knocked on the door, “Little Ye, have a meal.”

Ye Guang heard the sound and quickly got up to open the door. Mother Liu came up and told him to eat. He would come right away, if he wanted to say anything, that would be too ignorant.

“Auntie, I am sorry, I am fascinated, I am bothered you to ask me to eat.” Ye Guang scratched the back of his head, his expression was a little shy.

Mother Liu smiled, “What’s the problem with this, all right, let’s go downstairs for dinner.”

Ye Guang nodded and went downstairs with Mother Liu.

Mother Liu, “Little Ye, it’s a good thing for young people to be busy with their research, but rice can’t be forgotten. People are iron and steel, but still need rice. Whenever you are full, you will have the spirit to invest in your work.”

Mother Liu teaches as an elder.

Ye Guang nodded and said yes.

Go downstairs.

Father Liu just seated, and when he saw Ye Guang, he immediately said, “No matter how old you are, you have to be called at every meal.”

Then, Liu Chiyan, Mother Liu, and Yiyi all cast a strange look at Father Liu.

It seems that you are not much better, right?

Father Liu old face blushed unexpectedly.

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