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“Xia Yan, are you willing to hold your wife and be a Husband, will you never give up her on your life?”

“I Do.”

“Soi Fon, are you willing to marry Xia Yan, will you stay with him forever?”

“I Do.”

With Xia Yan and Soi Fon words, Xia Yan exchanged the ring, under the auspices of Yamamoto Genryuusai, the two became husband and wife.

At the same time, Matsumoto Rangiku and Ichimaru Gin, Abarai Renji and Rukia, Grimmjow and Tristan exchanged promises.

After the wedding, it was a grand celebration, four pairs of newbie, a float tour in Seireitei.

All Shinigami, Fullbring, Visored and Arrancar, participated in the ceremony.

Xia Yan and Soi Fon and six others sat in a huge float, marching along the moat, and circling Seireitei.

There are countless Shinigamis in the surrounding streets. They wave their flowers and sincerely wish these newbie couples.

“It’s so lively.”

Matsumoto Rangiku said with a smile, she was wearing a wedding dress, and her sexy figure was unmistakable. Standing next to Ichimaru Gin, wearing a black suit, it looked strange.

“So many people.”

Kuchiki Rukia blushes and stands on the float, hoping that she can move backwards, but the excited Abarai Renji is holding her hand to the front.

“I didn’t expect to get married in Seireitei.”

Grimmjow said that he was very uncomfortable, and Tristan around him was very impressed. She looked at each other and missed the way two people were drinking at the pub.

Xia Yan and Soi Fon walked hand in hand, Soi Fon’s face was red, and the corner of the mouth was filled with a shallow smile, and the smoke was flowing.

At this time, Soi Fon, wearing a white wedding dress, has a wrinkle around the bust of the wedding dress, which makes Soi Fon’s chest look a lot bigger.

The skirt on her body is very long, and it is very complicated to carry on the floor.

And Soi Fon’s head, with a crown, looks extremely honorable.

Xia Yan is wearing a robes and wearing a crown, which is the most noticeable of the eight.

Along the moat, after the ceremony, the next banquet was held throughout Seireitei, and every Shinigami can participate in the banquet.

Not only that, but in Rukongai, a lot of food was also distributed, and was congratulated.

The banquet is very rich, Xia Yan and familiar friends have been drinking, although the wine has been unable to make it drunk, but the wine is not drunk, and Xia Yan feels a little intoxicated.

After the banquet, everyone came to the hills of Shuangyu, not far away, Shiba Kūkaku and Jin Yan Yinyan were setting off fireworks.

“Xia Yan, can you start?”

Shiba Kūkaku shouted at Xia Yan in the distance.

Shiba Kūkaku was the fireman of the wedding. One and a half months ago, Xia Yan visited Shiba Kūkaku, but was beaten by Shiba Kūkaku who had been worried about him.

However, Shiba Kūkaku promised Xia Yan’s request and promised to prepare the most perfect fireworks.

“Kūkaku sister, let’s get started.”

Xia Yan said with a smile, and have some expectations.

The next moment, Shiba Kūkaku ignited Flame in her right hand, hit the ground and lit the lead.


A fireworks rose into the sky, straight into the sky, and then burst.

The flames of the sky burst, initially red, and then slowly turned orange, and turned yellow again and again.

“There are seven colors.”

Soi Fon said with surprise.

Xia Yan said something unexpectedly: “I didn’t expect Kūkaku sister to be really successful.”

Shiba Kūkaku have to develop seven colors of fireworks, and there are only four kinds of fireworks in front of Human World and Shiba Kūkaku which can reach seven kinds. It seems that the fireworks of Shiba Kūkaku are more perfect.

Fireworks are fired one by one, forming a beautiful picture after bursts in the sky.

Throughout Seireitei the crowd exclaimed and ignited the atmosphere, making the ceremony more lively.

The fireworks lasted for forty minutes. At the end of the day, a simple fireworks flew into the sky. After burst, a bee appeared in the air.


Soi Fon corner of the mouth formed a smile, can not help but think of the situation when Xia Yan and her participated in the first summer festival 35 years ago.

At that time, she and Xia Yan held hands and watched the fireworks meeting together, and there was a bee.

That was their first real date.

After that, the summer festival was held several times, and many fireworks were also fired, but no bees appeared anymore.

When the bee appeared for the second time, Xia Yan and Soi Fon became couples.

Xia Yan and Soi Fon smiled at each other, as if they had just returned to the time they met, they still kept the two people who were ignorant of love.

“Let’s go.”

Soi Fon said softly.

Xia Yan waved his hand, and the four horses formed by Reishi appeared in midair, pulling a bright and luxurious carriage.

The two entered the carriage and flew toward the sky, disappearing into the air.


“Xia Yan.”

Soi Fon sat by the bed, looking at Xia Yan, her face full of shame.

Xia Yan is a little nervous, then he and Soi Fon, completely have a husband and wife, let two people, no longer separate from each other, frankly meet.

Counting the Dangai, the time of the last hundred years, the two finally reached this step.

Xia Yan said softly: “Soi Fon sister, are you ready?”


Soi Fon nodded blushingly, her eyes exuding endless love.

Xia Yan smiled and reached out, untied her veil, opened the zipper behind the Soi Fon wedding dress, took off her wedding dress, revealing the jade body only wearing underwear.

Xia Yan’s finger was placed on the collarbone of Soi Fon, sliding down, along the delicate skin, the fingertips touched the corset, and slowly pulled the bodice down to reveal two cute little white rabbits.

Well, it is really small enough.

Xia Yan can not help but stare, Soi Fon face shy red, arms around her chest, said: “Hurry up.”

Xia Yan did not dare to neglect, put Soi Fon in the center of the bed, tearing off her body and finally obscuring, leaving a delicate one.

Xia Yan saw that she couldn’t help but swallow his saliva and immediately climbed up and kissed Soi Fon’s lips.

Soi Fon responded enthusiastically. After a moment of kissing, Xia Yan’s lips slowly moved down and kissed Soi Fon’s neck, collarbone, chest, and to the lower abdomen.

Just as Xia Yan was ready to continue down, Soi Fon’s hand held his head and said, “Don’t play, hurry up.”


Xia Yan heard this, and couldn’t stand it anymore. He made a snap and his clothes broke in an inch.

Then Xia Yan slowly propped up, shrouded Soi Fon under his face, looked at her face, and said softly: “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Soi Fon showed a happy smile and a happy face on her face.

Xia Yan took a deep breath, lifted the gun on the horse, soft red clay, hopping horses, white waves, heaven, sailing against the water, self-improvement, a thousand miles, the water fell to the trough.

As the saying goes, this moment is worth a thousand dollars, and the tenderness is here.

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